The Tartarus Society part 2

By Panzer
Screams came from the television as Greg Richards sat watching his latest purchase from the Tartarus society, a DVD of a woman named Christine being tortured. This was already the third time he had watched through the 6 hour program and as the video reached the part where the brown haired girl was having her teeth removed Greg found that his mind wandered.
He very much enjoyed the film, getting off on it twice already and it had been an expensive purchase but that was how it was if you wanted the highest quality. Lately his mind was been preoccupied by thoughts of his whore of a wife that he has grown to despise over the years.
Greg thought of his wife Susan. He had married her seven years ago when she was only twenty-one. She had been beautiful both physically and mentally; back then. After seven years, she was still beautiful in every way; physically. She was about 5 ft 7 inches in height with long black hair that reached to the middle of her back, her body was a perfect curve her breasts firm and round. He thought about how her tits used to fit perfectly into his hands when they made love. Rounding out her features was a slim waistline with long beautiful legs coming together to form the tightest ass he had ever seen.
Greg’s cock began to tingle at the very thought of Susan’s beauty. The feeling was short lived however, as Greg’s mind wandered further from the video, and onto his wife’s least attractive, yet unavoidable features. When he had married her, Susan had a personality that was as beautiful as her body. Greg thought bitterly about it. How the whore had changed, how she had turned away from him after he found out that he could not have kids. From that point on, she would never look at him the same way again. He recalled how she would demean him in front of others, making jokes about him to her friends. Telling them, he was less of a man because he could not have kids. Laughing and giggling about him with her friends knowing that he could hear what they were saying.
Just thinking about her made him fume. She had abandoned him physically and emotionally years ago just because he could not get her pregnant. She lost interest in him sexually. At first, she put up a brave front, trying to pretend she desired him, but that was even worse. The pretending did not last long and over time she stopped having sex with him all together. It had been years since he had even seen her naked. He longed to see her again to have her as his own and to make her obey him, as she always should have.
It was because of her that he had spent his life savings and called in every favor he had just to join the Tartarus Society so he could purchase from them videos that would satisfy his unrequited lust. They could at least give him pleasure where she refused. Now Greg was ready to risk bankruptcy again to teach his wife a lesson and to set her straight finally.
He learned that the society, in addition to many other services it provides, offers its members for an additional fee, kidnappings upon request. The service allows members to pay to have a particular person kidnapped and then the member to stipulate exactly what they would have done to the hapless victim. This is when Greg got the idea for a little wife training.
Susan Richards stood in her bathroom combing her hair after her shower as she prepared for bed. She wore only her silk bathrobe tied at the waist it reached midway down her thighs. She thought about her husband who had mysteriously gone out tonight with only a vague explanation as to where he was going. She did not care much what he did anyway; they had both been divorced emotionally for years now but it was unusual for him to go out on a Saturday night.
They might as well just make it official by getting a divorce but she realized that neither of them wanted to face their families after the fuss they had made about getting married so young. Not a very good reason to stay married, she knew, but Greg had a good job and at least she could spend his money whenever she wanted, and she did, looking down at her silk bathrobe a smile forming on her face.
Finishing her combing she put down the brush and headed out of the bathroom and into the adjoining bedroom. She did not notice the dark figure standing beside the bathroom doorway as she past and before she could react, a strong hand came down over her mouth and an arm went across her waist pinning her arms to her sides. In one motion, her attacker had her silenced, immobilized, lifted off her bare feet and brought down hard face down on the floor.
The attacker straddled her back with his left hand still clamped over her mouth muffling her screams and pinning her arms under his knees. With his right hand, he pulled a blue ball with a leather strap from his pocket. She could barely process what was happening to her and began to panic as her faceless assailant removed his hand from her mouth and immediately forced the blue ball into her mouth. It filled her mouth completely, holding her jaw open painfully she tried to dislodge it with her tongue but he had already fastened the leather strap around her head. This prevented the ball from moving and muffled her panicked cries.
He forced her wrists into the small of her back and bound them with what she guessed was a plastic cable tie. It dug into her skin as she tried to free her hands but held them tight. Her attacker continued his assault by cinching her arms above and below her elbows with more cable ties. He pulled the ties tight and she grunted through her gag, her skin pinched and her elbows crushed together so tight the joints pressed against one another adding to her pain.
Tears streamed down her face and struggling caused her more pain she new it would avail her nothing anyway. She thought about her husband if he had been here this would not be happening to her, but he was useless. He was not even here now when she needed him the most. Sobs now pouring out of her as her attacker continued to restrain her.
Her attacker bound her legs above and below her knees as well as her ankles with plastic ties. He forced her ankles up toward her bound arms and affixed her ankle ties to her wrists putting her into a hogtie position. She bit down on her gag as the position put constant pressure on her wrists and ankles cutting off circulation and tearing at her skin.
The man ignored her pain, moved over to her head, and knelt down beside her. The man pulled a small backpack into her view. Susan trying to focus had not noticed the bag before and assumed he must have been wearing it when he attacked her. She watched as the man pulled from the bag a roll of duct. He wrapped the tape around her gagged mouth starting just below her nose and continuing down to her chin. He wrapped the tape around the back of her head over her hair several times sealing off her screams and cries.
He then moved to her hands she tried to squirm away from him or close her fingers into fists but they had already gone numb leaving her hands as defenseless as the rest of her body. The man continued his work on her ignoring her squirming. He forced her thumb deep into her palm closing her fingers into fists around them and wrapped tape around her entire hand. He repeated the process on her other hand trapping them into useless bound fists.
The man walked back to his backpack. As he turns his attention away from her in desperation, she attempts to free her trapped limbs pulling at her bonds despite the pain. She struggles to move her body side to side and eventually manage to tip herself onto her side. Exhausted, she goes limp, realizing in despair all her struggles accomplished were torn wrists and to tip onto her side, which got her nowhere. It is now she realized that in all her struggles her bathrobe had come undone at the waist and had flopped open revealing to this monster her naked breasts.
Sobbing and with sweat, glistening on her recently washed skin Susan let her neck go limp allowing the top of her head to rest on the floor, her sobs interrupted only by her need to breath.
Susan glanced over at her attacker able to get a better look at him while lying on her side. She could see that he was dressed in all black covered from head to toe with tight leather gloves and a mask that covered all except for his eyes.
The man held in his hand a cloth hood and turned toward her. He pulled the hood over her head and cinched it around her neck, tight enough to prevent it from slipping off, but not so tight that it strangled her.

The Tartarus Society_01

Terror grips her again as she is left in total darkness. Instinctively, she summons her arms to pull the hood from her head but again the only response she receives is more pain from her torn wrists, yet her sobs continue unabated.
She had little time to think about her new darkened world as strong arms reached under her, scoop her up and fling her onto her attackers shoulder. She was blind, but could still tell he carried her downstairs and toward the front door. Nothing done to her so far had terrified her as much as this she now understood how bad her situation truly was.
This is not a robbery. Her husband would not find her unharmed hours from now. Nor was it a break in and rape, a terrible prospect of its own, or course, but she would otherwise be alive and home. This was a kidnapping, her mind cried out in desperation.
Out of an instinct for self preservation she struggled in the mans arms but he held her firmly over his shoulder pinning her torso to his chest with his right arm and holding her in place on his shoulder with his left arm.
Susan searched her mind for any last shred of hope as he carried her out of her home and into the cool night air. Maybe this is for ransom she thought; maybe all this man wants is Greg’s money. Briefly, she was hopeful that all she would need to do to survive this was to wait for the ransom to be paid. The hope was fleeting however, as she quickly realized two fatal flaws with this idea. The first being that while Greg did make a good living, he did not make nearly enough for a kidnapping to be worth the time and effort, the second, but even more painful reality was if this was a ransom situation she was not sure at all that her husband would even pay it.
Susan stopped crying as her mind tried to make sense of what was happening to her but new tears ran down her face as she realized that her husband would probably be glad that she was gone. He did not love her anymore, and even she would admit that she had been cruel to him. She heard a car door open. He tossed her onto a thinly carpeted surface that she can only guess is the interior of some kind of vehicle she heard the door slam shut.
She was alone, left in darkness her only companion being the humbling thought that her only chances of surviving this would soon lie in the hands of her husband. Her husband who will be the first to notice she was gone, her husband whose responsibility it will be to call the police immediately so they can start looking for her, her husband who might have to pay a ransom for her. Her husband, who she had shunned, emasculated and humiliated in front of her friends, her husband whom she had refused to touch for years now, and her husband who on so many occasions, she knew, could barely contain his contempt for her. She sobbed uncontrollably as she lamented her hopeless situation. The vehicles engine rumbled to life and the gentle vibrations of the car as it rolled down the road taking her to hell did nothing to sooth her despair.


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