Justice for All… Part 2


By Wild Restraints


      Kim tried to reason with him but her gag made it impossible to communicate. Why was he doing this. Was he that angry all she did was her job. “You know evil does exist in this world but they are not just the people you defend but you as well.” Mr. Headley raised a leather whip into the air. Nine leather strips protruded from the handle and beat against his wrist she could see the weight of each one. She heard taps of each strip striking one another even from several feet away. “You defend scum and get them off, well, now it is you who will pay.”
      The whip sliced through the air and clapped against her bare skin at her midriff. A blistering sting rippled across her entire body from the point of impact. Every muscle tensed against her restraints and she screamed into the gag as he smiled back at her. After a moment, another blow came down across her breasts and the pain was even more intense as her sensitive nipples took the brunt of the hit. Her limbs vibrated involuntarily against the ties as he began raining blows down one after another. He rotated at random from her tits, midriff and thighs, and then every so often the whip would cut between her legs the heavy leather pounding her labia. Tears and snot seeped from her nose and eyes then ran quickly down the side of her face.
      Kim had no way of knowing how long the beating went on for but he eventually stopped. Mr. Headley stood over her panting like a dog from the exertion. She struggled to breathe forcing air to penetrate the thick mucus build up that clogged her nostrils and risked choking off her only source of air.
      “We’re not done yet Kimmy. We still have the back to do.” He said, giggling like a girl.
      He cut her ties and Kim tried to fight him as he flipped her onto her stomach but she was amazed at how weak her body was. The adrenalin dump was over now it left her exhausted and unable to mount much of a defense. Not that she could have done much he outweighed her at least seventy pounds.
      He applied new restraints to all the same places after turning her face down. Now she could not see the whip coming and the anticipation only made it worse. He hit the small of her back first then began another rotation as before. Her upper and lower back, ass, and thighs all received the brutal punishment. All of the hits blurred into a symphony of pain that seemed to collect inside her ears as a non-stop buzzing.
      He went on even longer this time only stopping as her struggles slowed and her muscles slackened from the constant stress. Now only her sobs filled the lonely basement. “This was your first treatment. We still have a lot more planned for you.”
      We, What did he mean by that who else was involved in this insanity?
      She did not have long to think about it as she heard Headley retrieve something metal from nearby but she could not see what. The answer came soon as a scorching pain pressed into the soul of her foot. With new suffering came renewed energy and she yanked her ankle trying to escape the attack. But it was hopeless, her foot was held outstretched against the table leaving it exposed. The heat withdrew and the scent of burned flesh hit her nose. When the hot poker returned this time, it pressed in beneath her toes. All she could manage was to scream until her throat felt as if sandpaper ran against it. The poker continued its assault until both of her feet hummed in a harmony of torment.
      “That will keep you from running very far if you ever get the chance to try it.”
      He released her from the table and forced her to stand on her burned feet. She moaned at the pain but was too tired and terrified to resist.
      He bent her at the waist over another table that stood at just the right height. And rebound her ankles and knees to the legs. He did the same with her wrists and elbows fastening them to the table legs on the opposite side. Each new cable tie bit into her skin and threatened to cut off circulation to her limbs.
      Another tie tightened around her waist holding her hips to the table top. She was now pinned draped across a table with her head dangling off the side.
      “Let me introduce you to my brother, Steve, he has agreed to help me with this project,” Headley said.
      Steve positioned himself at her head while Headley took his place behind her. Steve cut the cable tie holding her gag in place and pulled out the wadding.
      She tried to talk, to beg for mercy, but her dry cracked lips would not allow words to form and the moment was lost. Steve rammed his erect cock into her open mouth. The tip penetrated her throat pushing past her gag reflex. He held it in place, choking her a long moment before pulling back only to hammer back in again.
      At the same time she dealt with the assault from the front she felt Mr Headley penetrate her exposed pussy. The two cocks pumped in and out in rhythm as she endured, helpless to prevent anything. In that moment she wanted to die.
      But death was not going to come for her and the assault continued unabated. In and out they slammed her. Her vaginal wall being forcibly stretched by the invasion. And her already raw throat burned as she choked on Steve’s cock.
      Finally, her mouth filled with warm cum as Steve’s cock exploded into her mouth and throat. She felt it throb between her lips as it pumped gobs of his fluid into her.
      A moment later a similar feeling came from her vagina as Headley also came inside of her. His cum painting the inside of her birth-canal and uterus. Both men moaned and slumped over her panting.
      “That was totally worth it, I can’t wait to try the other end,” Steve said, sliding his slackening cock from between her lips a string of cum following as it retreated.
      Kim dry heaved in disgust as the fluid dripped from her mouth and pooled on the table. She breathed, trying to make up for lost oxygen after having the cock and gag in her mouth for so long.
      The respite was short lived however and Steve stuffed her mouth again with the wadding and sealed it inside with several cable ties.
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