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7/01/17 – Ashley does it live  Ashley Graham is a smart ass little bitch who has seen more than one live feed and thought she could do it better than anyone else. To us that sounded like a win-win situation so we decided to give her her shot. After all, if she is as good as she thinks she is she will hold up to all of the perverse ideas that our membership comes up with. If she is not and she cannot then that may even be better…

6/25/17 – Exhibit 03 – This girl is a new arrival to our bondage expedition. Collected last night she is still adjusting to her new role. Nothing an uncomfortable bit gag and a tight straightjacket won’t fix after a few hours letting her stew. She will struggle until she tires herself out and becomes more compliant. Once she is fully processed she will be made into an exhibit in the gallery along with the others.


6/17/17 Exhibit 02  Next on display is an unfortunate girl who is being subjected to the dreaded body bow device. The crank is slowly turned increasing the pressure and her pain. One end of the device shackles the victim’s arms and legs and will cut cruelly into her skin over time. She is in good company suspended alongside exhibit one the two are partners in suffering for the duration of their times on display. I am not sure that fact provides either with much comfort though.

6/08/17 – Exhibit 01 – In our first exhibit we have the poor subject tied in a tight ball gagged with a special screw gag that penetrates the throat and nearly chokes her. The subject is suspended by her hair with a stack of weights tied to her toes increasing the pressure on her scalp. Her arms, so tightly bound that they have turned purple. All she can do to pass the time is cry, and hope that relief comes soon. 

4/15/17 – Calico Learns Some Humility – Calico is too pretty for her own good. Her looks may have been an asset on the outside, but with PD it means he will just have to hurt her more. Her body is amazing but it is missing the bruises and welts that PD loves. He will just have to add them himself. Calico suffers so wonderfully for him that he decides it is worth a reward. A few orgasms should be enough to remind her why she serves.

4/06/17 – Slave struggles to reach food kept just out of reach. 

4/03/17 – Bella Rossi Came To Get Fucked –  Bella Rossi loves doing “the bondage thing.” She enjoys corporal punishment, rope, domination and everything else. But what she loves more than anything else is being tied down, opened up, and fucked like she is being punished with cock. She never has more intense orgasms than when she is getting railed with the brutal intensity we bring to the table. 


3/27/17 – Nosey Girlfriend  She wanted to know who he was texting and took it upon herself to invade his phone. She would come to regret this decision when he found out. A few rolls of tape later and he had her in a position where she could spend some time thinking about her mistake.  

3/18/17 – Ashley Calls For God – On Ash Wednesday Ashley Graham was suffering for Master A and called out for Divine Intervention. What he gave her was not what she wanted. At first he told her to call him sir, but she called out for God so many times that he decided he wanted that to be his new name. It began a day of intense bondage, painful punishments and blasphemous beatings. Master A is going to redefine Bible Thumper…

3/12/17 – Women’s Sufferage – Charlie came back for more BDSM games and boy did the sexy nerdy girl next door get what she asked for! Charlie is an amazing painslut, who would have guessed?? She loves nothing more than being controlled and used for her tormentors fun. The welts and bruises pop up on her alabaster skin and quickly cover her sexy body with throbbing pain. Her screams and moans are such music to us.


3/08/17 – Brutal Triple Fucking Action – We thought about taking Ashley, Annie and Mia out on beautiful dates and making gentle love to them but they were too hot not to ravage. Instead of taking them out into public we are going to put them someplace soundproof and make them scream at the top of their lungs. Cry, yell, squirt and squirm as much as they like, they may think those things will stop us but all it does is make us go harder.

2/26/17 – BDSM Artwork – “That’s the way I like it, Christian bitch… right in the mouth… don’t stop sucking it all in… ohhh yes!” “I spent a lot of time training her with some of the men before she was ready for you Master… 
it took a lot of beatings to get her to take it all down her gullet…”

2/22/17 – Whatever It Takes – So here is the deal, Veruca. You have one day to prove yourself. If OT is going to pay you for your time you had better be worth it. Screaming and crying aren’t discouraged, but if you quit you can forget about being able to pay your bills. It doesn’t matter how humiliating or painful the interview process gets. Remember every moment is one step closer to that pay check you so desperately need.

2/15/17 – Bronte Cums – When was asked Bronte what she loved most about her time with us she began raving about how much she loved cumming and crying for everyone. Being dominated by so many people at once is intense and satisfying the perverts in the studio is hard enough. The ones behind their keyboards are more demanding and less forgiving. Not anyone would be up to it, but Bronte will never stop trying to satisfy.

2/12/17 – Beat The Bunny Bunny may look like a delicate and quiet little waif but there is an incredible pain slut inside of her. She wants to be bound, beaten and forced into service. She begs for it. The marks of her devotion are plain to see within seconds. Every stroke from a cane or whip leaves a line across her delicate skin, like a signature. Every bruise will be a reminder of the time she spent with us.

2/09/17 – Just the Essentials She was always an independent woman and when she found out about her husbands cheating she did not hesitate to serve him divorce papers. Unfortunately, her husband had other ideas. He has taken measures to see to it that she never has any independence ever again. Now, she will depend on him and his new girlfriend for all her needs. And as payment for this generous service her body will belong to them.

2/05/17 – Bethany Getting Crammed Full – Bethany is going to take a lot of dick. PD has a collection of cocks to make sure she does not have to go a minute without her holes full. He starts her off easy but this day is going to end with all of her holes raw. After he gags her on his dick and stretches her pussy to the limit with his inflatable Mr. Pogo, he has a fucking machine with her name on it. She is going to cum until she cries…

2/01/17 – AJ Applegate – This blonde, toned bondage beauty deserves only the best. For instance the strappado is known for being one of the toughest positions in bondage. Locking down her wrists doesn’t make it any easier. Her beautiful blue eyes stare up at us, bulging as the cock in her mouth tickles the back of her throat…

1/29/17 – Cunt Puppy Part 2 – So here is the trick. Pretty much every part of Ashley Lane is hooked up to something. Elise Graves is holding ropes wrapped around her nipple clamps. Her arms are lashed behind her with leather straps. Her knees and ankles are spread apart by wooden spreader bars. But the one thing that Ashley is most worried about isn’t even touching her. It is predicament bondage at its best….


1/25/17 –  Taking Down Rain We fry the inside of Ms. DeGrey’s fuck hole with our trusty Folsom unit. Her screams are like music that keep Alebeard amused. He teaches many-a-painslut this same song. Once her cum pocket is electrified, Alebeard pounds it with his trusty crop to test for tenderness. Purely for science of course.

1/22/17 – PD Takes 412 Outside – 412 is going to get staked to the ground in a muddy creek bed. She is exposed, cold and vulnerable, not to mention covered in the muck. At first she struggles feebly against her bondage but there is a real sense of urgency once the water levels start to rise

1/18/17 – Held by Love She made the mistake of being nice and gave him the wrong idea. Interpreting her politeness as true love her neighbor decided to make sure they could be together forever. She might not be ready for such commitment, just yet, so he would have to help her. After drugging her she wakes in his basement strapped in place unable to escape. Now, he can help her adjust to their new commitment to each other. 

1/15/17 – Ashley Graham Challenges PD – Ashley Graham thought she could take whatever PD decided to dish out but that is just hubris. It is a game PD is going to win every time. It is like he can get inside of her head. He knows that tying off her tits will make her scream. He knows that whipping her will make her whimper and beg. He knows that violating her cunt will arouse and humiliate her at the same time…

1/11/17 – All natural stunner Abella Danger bound with belts doggy style and roughly taken from both ends! – This all natural starlet is bound down doggy style with belts, her big bubble butt and shaved pussy perfectly displayed. Both ends are wide open for business and we simply walk right up and fill them to the brim. There is no warm up, just straight rough and brutal fucking. The orgasms flow in short order.


1/08/17 – What Alani Doesn’t Know  Alani Pi is so sweet and innocent that we question if she knows how tough our live feeds can be. On Feb. 2 at 5PM EST, we will find out. She claims to have fantasies of being tormented in front of a live audience, so we are going to make that wish come true. As soon as we saw her our minds started working on ways to make her scream. 

1/04/17 Girls Waiting For Shipment – These ladies collected within the last forty-eight hours have been processed fully and sold. Tomorrow they will be shipped from this processing center to their new owners across the world. They whimper and squirm, terrified of what awaits them, and they have good reason to be afraid. A slaves life is a hard one, but a necessary one, at least to their new masters anyway…



1/01/17 – Brutalizing Miss Lane  We will take Ashley Lane and create a masterpiece of broken, cruel, agony. She’s come out to play but all the rules have changed and our heroine finds herself up against a wall in neck bondage. She is, for all intensive purposes, helpless. Our damsel will soon be in great, sexy, distress. Click below for more:


12/28/16 – 314 In Dengrating Bondage It is not the cock that 314 loves. It is the humiliating feeling of being used and the knowledge that PD may not release her when he is done. She loves it when he handles her roughly. She does not what him to show her any signs of love or affection. She wants to be used and discarded like a cheap toy. She knows that is what she deserves. And PD is going to make sure that 314 will get her wish. Click below for more:



 12/22/16 – Homeless Hoe Beaten Black and Blue – KoKo Kitty has been down and out, living on the streets for the past few months. Each day she sits out in the park, asking for loose change, wrapped in her blanket just trying to keep warm. That’s where O.T. finds her, curled up for warmth, sitting on a curb, holding a cup out for a donation. He can do her one better, though. He tells her if he goes with him and takes a few pictures he’ll pay her for her time, and she won’t even have to get naked. But when has that ever really been the case? Click below for more:


11/6/16 – 


10/23/16 – 

Bound box tied

Hogtied with arms in box tie

10/16/16 –

10/11/16 – 




10/5/16 – 


9/29/16 –

Balltied mummy

Balltied mummy








9/9/16 –


8/8/16 New Panzer update Sacrificed




8/1/16 New story added Gambling debts


7/3/16 Bondage Scene 7



6/29/16 Bondage Scene 6



6/26/16 New update from Bondagettes

Ring gagged and hair tied

Ring gagged and hair tied

Ring gagged and hair tied









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5/24/16 New update in Panzer series 3









4/24/16 Bondage Scene 5 updated


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4/10/16 New Bondage Scene 3


3/27/16 New blog post Bondage Scene 2


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3/15/16 New Blog post Erin the Proxy


2/24/16 New Update from Panzer

41_Should have VacuumedAlt








1/26/16 A new pic from Panzer.

Sentenced to Bondage








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10/4/15 Part six of “The Hunt for Queen Sandra” added.


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8/21/15 Another update from Panzer. Titled “Cheating Wife Asylum”









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7/14/15 The first part of a new story called “The Hunt for Queen Sandra”


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7/04/15 The final part to the story “Justice for All”



6/30/15 Another update from Panzer titled “Yoga Instructor”









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6/24/15 Part 3 of the story Justice for All… added.



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pantyhose-tied16Elbows together







6/10/15 Another update from Panzer called “Captured Jogger”









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Forced to Sit

Forced to Sit









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Modification Privilage

Modification Privilege










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2/19/15 Today’s update includes additions from Panzer, Bondagettes, and Bond Adventures.


Librarian Tied

Librarian Tied









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The Tartarus Society_01excerpt

Excerpt from “The Tartarus Society part 2”










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05_BonnieGirlCocoon_pt2 (2)







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01_On Display







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18_Vasharra Life_LRez







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