The Tartarus Society: Part 4

By Panzer
Susan was on her back placed on a hard metal platform inside a small cell. She was still naked and her arms tied painfully across her chest. With her left wrist tied to the right side of the bed and her right wrist tied to the left. Her shoulders burned as the position stretched her tendons to the extreme and prevented her from moving even a tiny bit without great pain. Her legs were tied to the sides of the bed at the ankle leaving her spread and exposed. The ball-gag was also back in her mouth.
When she first awoke and tried to sit up, she felt another sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She had no idea what the pain could be and had no hope of being able to inspect the area in her current position. There was no way for her to know how long she had been in this room, which had no windows and no light. Her breasts still stung and throbbed from the needles. She assumed her torturers removed the needles but she could not tell for sure. Every part of her body ached from earlier tortures and forced into this position for what felt like hours. To make matters worse she had too to use the toilet it took most of her concentration to hold in both her shit and piss.
Tears had come and gone at regular intervals since she had regained consciousness but now tears would not flow from her dehydrated tear ducts and her lips cracked from dryness around the gag.
She wondered what she had done to deserve this horrible fate. She had been cruel to her husband that was true but surely, that did not justify this torture, this brutality. She wondered what Greg was doing now, was he worried about her, was he trying to find her? Or, and this thought chilled her to the bone what if he thought she had left him. She had threatened to do it many times, he would remind her how he owned everything, and she would lose it all if she left. She would threaten to leave anyway but she knew she never would, she was too accustomed to the life style. But what worried her now was that Greg might assume she had left him as she said she would and left all her belongings behind. If he thought that, her disappearance would go unreported. She sobbed quietly, her eyes finding a final reserve of tears, as her thoughts reminded her how hopeless her situation was.
There would be no deliverance from this hell and she had to use all of her strength to except her reality without going mad at the sheer thought of it.
She lay in pain unable to move and waited for someone to return to resume her tortures. As time wore on, she had no choice but to release her bowels and bladder, not able to hold it any longer. The wretched stench of her own mess invaded her nose and she used all her will power not to vomit, with the gag in her mouth she would surely drown. At this point, she begged god for them to return and relieve her of this slow torment even if it would mean fresh pain at least she would be out of her current predicament, but the hours continued to pass.
Eventually, they did come for her she had no idea how long she had waited but all she knew was it was too long. Her tormentors released her from the bed, allowed her to shower, and gave her food and water. She had forgotten the last time she had eaten and it was the first small amount of pleasure she had felt since her abduction.
The pleasure would not last long and two men brought her, still naked body into another room that had a metal table set in the middle of it. The table had four legs with support bars connecting all four of the legs a few inches from the ground. As the men brought her closer to the table, she could tell it was exactly waist height to her and she soon found out why. They bent her over the table at the waist, pulled her arms toward the floor, and bound them with several thick cable ties to the legs of the table at the wrist and elbow. She did not struggle much as they bound her; she knew these men would over power her easily if she tried to escape. The men spread her legs and tied each to a table leg at the ankles. There handiwork left her stretched over the length of the hard table naked and totally exposed and finally one of the men spoke.
“You begged to be raped and now you will get what you wanted.”
She tensed as he spoke. The idea of being raped did not surprise her she had expected it from the beginning but to hear it said out loud and to know it was coming at any moment sent chills up her spine and she pulled a little at her wrists but they were tight and not getting loose. She froze as three naked men entered the room and approached her. One took position at her head and the other from behind while the third stood off to the side. She was suddenly staring straight into an erect cock.
“Oh shit wait I… I didn’t mean….” She started to protest but the shoved his cock into her mouth silencing her. The man rammed his cock into her mouth and began thrusting in and out. At the same time, she felt the other man penetrating her pussy and began pounding away at her. The pain was intense as her pussy was fucked dry and her delicate insides fucked raw. She choked on the cock being jammed down her throat and before she had time to adjust to the double fucking another searing pain shot across her back. A guttural moan muffled by the cock squeezed out from her tortured mouth. The third man was biding his time by whipping her across her exposed back. She yanked at her bonds instinctively but it only cut her skin and gained her nothing. Again, the whip came down and she yelped and gasped for breath between the man’s thrusts.
For several minutes, this continued until both men shot their loads into her. She felt there warm cum shooting deep into her pussy and down her throat overflowing down her chin.
When the men were finished the too who had fucked her left the room and two more entered and just as before one of the new men stood to the side and the man who had whipped her before took position at her back and the other new man stood at her head. Her despair was complete as she realized this would continue endlessly. But her thought was cut short as the she felt her tight ass being invaded by a hard thick cock.
“NO PLEASE!” Again, a cock in her throat silenced her plea.
The thrusting began from both ends and soon she felt the sting of the whip across her back. The pain in her back and ass was incredible. She could not believe the pain as her ass was torn apart from the inside being fucked without lubrication.
This cycle would continue unabated over and over again an endless stream of cocks would just pound away at her. There was always a cock in her mouth, but the men would alternate from pussy to ass. This would go on nonstop for most of the day and when it ended, they released her from the table and with her unable to walk carried her to a shower for cleaning. Then they gave her food and forced her to exercise on a treadmill for 40 minutes. At last, they allowed her to sleep for a few hours.
She would be woken up, brought back to the room, and returned to her position at the table and the fucking would continue without pause for 18 hours a day. As this routine went on her psyche began to unravel her former self-striping away and leaving a hollow shell in its wake. She did not fight and no longer hoped for release or even death she was incapable of even comprehending her situation ever improving, she simply endured, day after day and rape after rape.
Greg sat nervously. Twitching with angst as he waited in the large banquet room for his wife to be returned to him. It had been a month since he had her abduction arranged by the society. It was the longest month of his life but it was finally over and he would get to have his new slave wife he had paid for. He was not alone in the room. Many other society clients waited like him, or were just here as members enjoying the facilities. Several companion and pain slaves wandered about the room, a few companions flirting with some of the members doing their jobs as hosts. Others served drinks and food, all slaves were in various states of nudity most of the companion slaves were only issued a very narrow wardrobe consisting mostly of thongs and six-inch heel boots, and bikini like leather tops.
Greg noticed a man enter the room, another member. He was followed a few paces behind by a woman most likely his companion slave. But she guided behind her another woman by a leash around her neck clearly this was the pain slave he thought. As the group approached, he recognized the pain slave. As he watched them approach, it dawned on him the pain slave they led behind them was the girl from his video, Christine Chambers. He stared at her in fascination. She was naked and her head and body had been totally shaved, her teeth had been removed and her jaw was held permanently open by metal rods drilled into the jawbone. And she had bloody blisters where her finger and toe nails would have been. His cock instantly responded as he watched her pass and was able to see her condition. The pain slave kept her eyes pointed toward the floor and made eye contact with no one.
He watched her guided away from him and his impatience was at its height now. He thought of Susan again. He wanted them to turn her into a sex slave and had always assumed that would be enough for him. After seeing Christine, he began considering the possibility of turning her into a full-blown pain slave with all the ensuing modifications. He could decide that later for now he could not wait to see what they had done with her.
After several more minutes of waiting, a man emerged and behind him his naked wife being guided on a leash much like Christine had been. He nearly came in his pants seeing her like that and he fought to contain himself. The man approached him with Susan in tow. She had her eyes to the floor and did not notice him yet.
“Greg Richards, the society delivers to you your trained sex slave as you requested.” His cock almost exploded as the man spoke the words. He looked at his wife, could not help but notice with delight as she heard his name, and understood for the first time that he was the reason this had happened to her. He saw her body stiffen and he thought he heard a small whimper out of her but he could not be sure, but she did not look up did not look into his eyes. It was at that point that he knew her training was complete that even now after learning the truth, she still resisted looking at him because she had been trained not to look a man in the eye. “You will not have any more problems with this one Mr. Richards and as requested we removed the slaves ovaries” The man handed him his wife’s leash.
He stood holding the leash and staring at his naked terrorized and once confident and strong wife and he commanded her for the first time as he would for the rest of her life. “Kneel before me slut!” he surprised himself at the force behind his words but he watched as Susan knelt before him as she was ordered. She did not look up and simply waited for further instructions “You hear that now neither of us can have kids how do you like that for poetic justice.” He laughed at her, “Now, tell me your purpose is what, slave?” he asked, and the new slave answered without pause.
“I am a slave and you are my master and my purpose is to serve my master in any way that he wishes.”

The Tartarus Society_03

He could not believe how well this had turned out the woman he once knew was gone and now only a mindless slave bowed before him. He pulled on his slaves leash and ordered her to follow, she did without hesitation, and he took his broken wife out the door and toward her knew existence of total servitude.
The End
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