The Tartarus Society part 3

By Panzer
Susan stood on the balls of her feet as she struggled to relieve the pressure mounting in her wrists and shoulders. Tied with her arms pulled above her head her wrists held with rope that bit into her skin. Her ankles cramped painfully as the rope holding her wrists forced her to stand on the balls of her feet to maintain contact with the floor. Her legs, left unbound, but could do her no good with her arms tied as they were. The gag her abductor stuffed into her mouth still held firmly lodged between her teeth causing more discomfort and helplessness.
At some point, she had fallen asleep or he had drugged her but she woke up hanging like this and had no idea for how long.
The room she resembled a shower room tiled from floor to ceiling with a drainage trench running along the base of the walls. A single light in the ceiling lighted the room dimly.

The Tartarus Society_02

She jumped and let out a small yelp through the gag as a large metal door swung open and a man walked in. Behind the man, two more followed, with one of them carrying a picnic basket sized box. Susan watched as the first man walked up to her and stopped just three feet from where she hung helplessly.
“The life and identity that you once knew is over.” He said. She twitched pulling slightly on her wrists causing a sharp pain in return as the ropes dug deeper. Continuing, the man said, “You have been taken from your life and will never be allowed to return to it. Now we will take from you your very identity destroying forever the Susan Richards that you were and creating in her place a submissive, obedient, whore. We will begin your transformation by teaching you to answer to your new name.” he then held into her view a long leather whip.
“From now on you will only answer to the following names; whore, slave, or filth.” He spoke the words as if he had said them thousands of times to thousands of women.
She recoiled in fear pulling to get free while screaming pleads of mercy through the gag. “Please don’t do this! Oh please I’ll do anything; just don’t hurt me!” Susan screamed these words and many others like them, but only she could hear them, for the gag transformed her words into only semi discernable and disconnected syllables.
At that moment, she caught in the face of her tormentor something that chilled her to the bone. In his face, she could see that even though her words became unintelligible muffles he knew what she was saying and what she wanted. He had heard it thousands of times and it only excited him more. Hopelessness began to settle on her now, as she came to grips with the reality that this was going to happen, and she was powerless to stop it.
To her surprise, her tormentor began removing her gag grabbing a hold of the tape and ripping it off her winding it around and around until it hit the final layer that was pressed against her hair. Without pause, he yanked the final layer of tape from her head, ripping clumps of her hair out from the root causing her to scream through the gag that still held her jaw painfully open. He then removed the gag by unfastening it from behind her head and removed the ball lodged between her teeth for hours.
As soon as the gag was removed a rush of relief as well as a small amount of hope that this ordeal may be coming to an unexpected end; she repeated her earlier pleadings. “Please I beg you, don’t do this! Let me go, and I will do anything for you, get anything for you, please!”
“What is your name!” was her only reply as the man raised the whip above his head. She froze with fear and shock and could not find words. She became paralyzed in place not sure what to do. Then the whip fell. The whip streamed across her chest from the top of her right breast up over her shoulder and finally resting its savage momentum on her shoulder blade. Pain swelled across her chest and now perfectly audible cries let loose from her now unfettered mouth. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Fuck!” she winced in pain, but then another fell upon her this time across her belly and another, then three more after that, in rapid succession. The whip fell across her tits, thighs and then two more dealt punishments to her ass. Finally, unable to take it any longer she let out in a raspy exhausted voice “Whore.”
She let her head fall limp her body dangling from her wrists. Her torturer stopped his whipping.
“Good. Good job, whore you are learning fast.” Her torturer stepped out of the light for a moment and returned holding a long needle about six inches long. He held it up so she could see it clearly.
“Whore, would you like to suck my cock?” he asked. He waited for her response. She hung there again not sure how to answer and not knowing which answer would give her more or less pain. But fearing punishment if she hesitated to long she blurted out the honest answer.
“No. No please don’t make me.” She managed to speak in a low trembling voice.
The torturer did not even react nor did he hesitate he simply brought the needle down and began pressing it into the side of her tit. It pierced her skin easily and drops of brood began trickling out.
Susan screamed in pain and horror as she felt the needle rip her skin and tear through the tender tissue inside her breast. The needle seemed to penetrate her forever. She screamed and kicked her legs, twisting and turning trying to escape it. Finally, the needle penetrated through to the other side. But the pain remained as the wound burned and throbbed. Tears flowed, soaking her face and chest.
The man reached over, produced another needle, and just as before held it so she could see, but this time he did not ask any questions. Instead, the needle came down and penetrated straight through her nipple in the same tit as the first needle.
Panic over took her as the needle came at her again. She had not recovered from the first needle and already she felt it press against her sensitive nipple. She let out a wail as it broke the skin and pushed into her. Her cry broken by sobs as despair was her only companion. He pushed the needle in further and the pain only increased as it sank deep into her once beautiful breast.
“Stop, Oh god stop, I’ll suck your cock please just stop hurting me.” She cried out in a desperate plea to stop the pain.
The man stopped and looked at her. “Do you want to be gang raped and sodomized in all your holes?”
She hesitated for only a fraction of a second as his words sank in, but that fraction was all it took. The man grabbed the needle lodged in her nipple and began twisting and pulling it in and out causing the needle to chew away at the tissue in her breast. Fresh agony shot through her body. Her voice hoarse from screaming let out another shriek as she felt the needle tear at her.
“Yes Jesus Christ, I want to be fucked! Fuck, it hurts.” She let out the words as if held in by some enormous pressure. She did not care; she just wanted the pain to stop. She sobbed uncontrollably and a wave of pure exhaustion fell over her and she gasp for breath. “Good. You’re learning how to be a good little whore.”
Her torturer patronized her but she barely noticed. Then through her hazy consciousness, she felt a cold misty spray hit her face just below the nostrils. Within moments, her mind began to slip away and darkness fall; her eyelids close, the dim light of the room evaporating.
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