The Tartarus Society part 1

By Panzer
Christine awoke slowly, her head pounding. She opened her eyes and her senses began to come into focus. As consciousness returned, she began to take stock of her situation. She is strapped naked to a ridged metal chair her head held tight to the chair across her forehead. A large ball stuffed into her mouth and held in place around her head.
Another strap across her shoulders and below her breasts crossing over her arms just above the elbows held her torso in place. Her arms are positioned on the arm rests of the chair and strapped just below the elbow and at the wrist. Her legs held to each leg of the chair above and below the knee and at the ankle. Her hands spread flat with each finger separated as far as they would go and strapped across the back of her hand above the wrist and her fingers bolted to the chair with metal cable between each of her knuckles.
She begins to sense pain, her head pounding, the gag bit deep into her skin and her jaw is cramping painfully. Panic overtook her, and she began screaming into the gag struggling wildly yanking against the restraints with tears rolling from her eyes but movement is imposable, escape imposable. Christine struggled until exhaustion forced her to stop and breathing heavy with sweat dripping from her body she began to focus on her surroundings.
With her head held immobile, she cannot see much of the room but there is a small light above her head allowing her to see only a few feet beyond where she sits. The room is cold and silent and no light seeps into the room from outside nor can she see the walls to the room from where she sits. As the minutes pass she searched her memory for an answer to how she got here, she remembered leaving work walking out into the parking garage standing beside her car, beyond that her memory is blank. Again tears began to flow down her cheeks; tears of frustration, pain and fear. Suddenly she hears a disembodied voice coming from the darkness.
“Christine Chambers, 20 years old 120 pounds 5 feet 6 inches tall firm size C breasts” Hearing this Christine began to squirm again, low whimpering sounds began to come from her gagged mouth. The voice continued.
“Kidnapped last night she has only just recently awoken and has no idea what is in store for her. She will be tortured, broken and rebuilt, while all of you and the rest of our members watch from across the world.”
At that moment, the entire room lit with dozens of bright lights revealing to her, for the first time, that she sat in a viewing room. An audience of hundreds is viewing her predicament. The light was bright and Christine was forced to shut her eyes to shield them, but even when opened she saw only a blur through her desperate, tear filled eyes.
After hearing the voice, she burst into desperate, yet futile struggling. Every muscle in her small body flexed against the restraints. Her outstretched fingers tried to close into fists, but even that small bit of freedom was denied her. Sweat dripped down her chest, belly, and thighs, her hair hung limp and plastered to her restrained forehead with sweat. All the while, she let out long shrill wails into the gag, which succeeded in keeping even her desperate cries for mercy restrained and helpless. Oblivious to, or encouraged by her struggles, she could not tell which, the voice continued to narrate for the audience what was about to happen to her.
“We will begin the program by spending some time on the subject’s breasts.” A figure stepped out from behind the chair and moved into her view. Christine’s chest heaved as she took quick shallow breaths desperately trying to maintain her composure.
The figure moved around in front of her, and unfurled a whip with at least a dozen 10 -12 inch individual leather strands dangling from its wrapped leather hilt. Her eyes went wide as she saw it, but true fear set in as she noticed that each leather strand had tied into it 5 or 6 metal spikes. The spikes were X shaped and tied around the middle so at least one sharp end would hit every time.
She had no time to react as soon has her eyes focused on the whip it came down hard across her right breast. The pain caused a new wave of wails and struggling causing the straps around her wrists and ankles to cut into her skin. The whip tore into her breast cutting her in several places; blood began to drip from the wounds mixing with beads of sweat collecting on her chest. Again, the whip fell this time across her left breast, three, four, five, and six times the whip fell against her unprotected skin its target alternating at random.
The whip fell many times over a period of 30 minutes or so, at the end of which her once beautiful almost perfect breasts left a shattered, scarred mess. They were cut in dozens of places blood oozed out of them and dripped onto her stomach and thighs. Her right nipple was ripped completely off and blood flowed from it freely.
She sat sobbing uncontrollably, having no other escape, air puffed from her nose causing snot to drip out and over the gag covering her mouth. With only her nose to breath through she is forced to blow the mucous from her nostrils to clear them. At this point, the voice began again.
“We will now increase the subject’s pain by shifting our attention to her fingers. We will remove the nails from each of her finger tips.” There was a brief but discernible cheer from the audience and new sobs from Christine. Her arms tensed against the restraints, and her fists attempted to close again. However, these struggles were half hearted as acceptance of her helplessness made her realize escape was imposable. Her lack of struggling was made up for with her sobs and screams of utter despair that came from deep in her throat, and was muffled by the gag.
“The subject was injected earlier with a stimulant that will keep her completely aware throughout this process. She will not faint nor will her mind block out the pain, she will endure it all until the very end.”
With that, the same man who had whipped her but never speaks moves to her left hand pulling into her view a cart full of assorted instruments; scalpels, drills, pliers several different types of gags, and a small metal spike. Her tormentor reaches for this spike holding it into her view. The spike was about 6 inches long and only slightly thicker then a needle. Her body tensed as she begins to understand what is about to happen and despite her earlier acceptance instinctively begins pulling her hand away in desperation, but again it avails her nothing.
With the spike in his left hand and a pair of pliers in the other he thrusts the spike under her left pinky fingernail working it in deep then pulling it out only to thrust it back in again.
Insane with pain and fear she yanks and thrusts every muscle in her body, anything to escape the pain. A constant wail of despair filled the viewing room and would continue to fill it, much to the pleasure of the viewers, for the next 6 hours as her torment continued.
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