The Hunt for Queen Sandra part 3

By Wild Restraints



      “Hello Melita I trust you are comfortable.”
      Melita did not make a sound at his comment.
      “I understand these are three of your closest subordinates. I am now going to torture them in front of you.”
      Hearing what was about to happen to them the women began to squirm. Twisted their torsos trying to find leverage but It was impossible. Robyn yanked at her leash and screamed through her gag frantic to find some kind of escape.
      “Let’s start with you,” Grandvil said, as he unhooked Yuri from the wall. Yuri panicked and began fighting against the leash. But Grandvil pulled hard wrenching Yuries neck. She stumbled forward as he pulled and almost dragged her along.
      He dragged Yuri to a winch and tackle mounted to the ceiling. Grandvil hooked the winch to Yuries bound arms and raised it until Yuri was forced to stand on her toes. At this point he hooked Yuries ankle rope to the floor and then continued to raise the winch.
      Yuries shoulders bent painfully outward as they were forced to take more of her weight. She screamed from her throat the gag muffling most of the sound. As her toes lifted from the ground her struggles became frantic her arms passed parallel with the floor. He continued to raise the winch until the rope around Yuries ankles pulled tight preventing her from kicking.
      Yuri now hung from her arms which were still tied in a box position her shoulder joints bent beyond any natural limit. It amazed Melita that Yuries shoulders hadn’t dislocated yet.
      Grandvil stopped the winch, “I’m going to leave you like this while I get your friends into position,” He said.
      He next took Robyn by her leash. She screamed and begged to be left alone. But the gag reduced her to pitiful wails and no mercy came her way. Grandvil affixed a spreader bar to each ankle. He then attached the center of the bar to another pulley. As he raised the pulley Robyn quickly learned what was happening and dropped to her back before her feet were ripped out from under her. The pulley continued upward until Robyn was suspended off the floor with her head dangling at waist level. She was held splayed open her pussy exposed and unprotected.
      Melita could see the ropes around Robyn’s ankles tighten as her own weight presses them into her skin. Melita could watch no more and squeezed her eye’s shut. But the inquisitor standing beside her, would not allow it. His whip slapped across her side the metal balls pounding her ribs. Her lungs deflated and she struggled to breath. “You will watch everything,” The inquisitor said. Melita opened her eyes to avoid being struck again.
      Already, she was giving in to them even in this small way. Please, may the gods give us strength.
      Sheara was untied and led by the leash to a rectangular frame. Her wrists were shackled to the upper corners of the frame and Grandvil did the same with her ankles. The frame was just large enough for her limbs to barely reach the manacles that held them. Grandvil wound a crank attached to the side of the frame and the frame expanded.
      Grandvil cranked a wheel; the rectangle grew in height and length, stretching Sheara even more. Her limbs seemed to thin as her tendons and ligaments strained to hold her bones together. Sheara’s face reddened and her chest strained to expand making breathing painful.
      Melita watched her three comrades and friends hanging before her. Her own cramped position made it impossible for her to look away. If she closed her eyes the memory of the whip and its stinging pain screamed at her.
      Grandvil returned to where Yuri hung from her bound arms. Each tiny movement threatened to pop her shoulders from their sockets. Soft whimpers escaped through Yuries gag and from deep within her throat.
      Grandvil picked up a whip identical to the one the inquisitor held. He brought the whip down on Yuries exposed ass without warning. Yuri sprang to life again as the blow rippled her ass and left nine bright red welts. Her whimpers became panicked muffled sheiks as the whip fell again and again. It landed across her back, belly and breasts. No part of her was ignored.
      Yuries suffering was enhanced by the fact that with each flinch and reaction to the whip her shoulders teetered on the edge of giving out.
      The beating did not stop for several minutes. The whip fell against Yuries skin repeatedly. The welts broke open and blood trickled from the wounds. Grandvil did not stop until Yuri hung limp and blood covered her body. Blood lined her body from the neck down pooling at her toes and dripping onto the floor into a growing puddle.
      Grandvil hugged Yuri from behind cupping her breasts. He squeezed and pinched her nipples. Grandvil compressed Yuri at her midriff and sat down. His entire weight pulled on Yuries shoulders and they stretched almost vertical to the floor before two popping sounds filled the room. The sounds reverberated off the walls followed by the heart wrenching wail that Yuri let out as her arms dislocated. Her broken joints still held her weight but were now dislocated and hanging at right angles to the floor.
      Yuries head dangled from her neck tears covered her face and snot clogged her nose. She had to use what little energy she had left just to force air through her clogged nose. She moaned softly but her mind was far away.
      Poor Yuri, she was young and bright now she was ruined physically and mentally. And Melita new that soon they would all be ruined.
      “Normally I like to take my time with my victims but we still have much to do,” Grandvil said, standing in front of Melita. Melita looked into his eyes and her heart froze as she saw the ecstasy he had toward what he was doing to them. Before she could look away he smeared her face with Yuries blood. Melita could do nothing to stop him. She could smell the metallic scent of the blood as it dripped from her nose. Tears tried to form at the corners of her eyes but she fought them back refusing to give this scum the satisfaction.
      “Time for the next slave,” He said.
      Robyn whimpered, knowing she was next in line.




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