The Hunt for Queen Sandra part 5


By Wild Restraints


      Grandvil removed the gag from Melita’s mouth. Her lips, dry and stretched, burned as they contracted with the mouth-filling gag finally removed. Coughing reflexively, her chest vibrated the barbed wire cutting her. “How many does Sandra now command?” Grandvil asked.
      “F…Fuck you,” She croaked her throat parched.
      “That’s too bad for your friend.” He said, as he twisted the devices inside Sheara’s ass and pussy. Sheara’s eyes bulged and a squeak grew from her chest as her flesh stretched to accommodate the spreading contraption.
      Sheara’s face was beat red and soaked in tears, eyes, the image of agony with snot dribbling from her nostrils in a thick translucent glob and her four head wrinkled like paper. “Please, stop it I beg you.” Melita screamed with all her dwindling energy.
      “Then tell me everything you know about Sandra’s forces.”
      Melita despaired inside as she realized the only way to stay loyal to her beloved queen she would have to watch her friends be tortured probably to death.
      Robyn her head and shoulders submerged in shit. Her thigh and stomach muscles twitching as she begged her dead muscles to lift her nose to the air just one more time. She was still alive and choking to death on mouthfuls of liquid shit from hundreds of stools. She would not be alive for long.
      Sheara’s agonized scream as her ass tore open drew Melita’s attention again. “I can’t tell you anything. I will never betray my queen.” She said, screaming even while tears, for the first time fell from her eyes. Grandvil smiled and continued to rip Sheara in half. The room filled with the blood-curdling wail of a former soldier reduced to a mindless object of pain.



      Melita sat hugging her knees in the corner of her stone cell. For the first time since her capture, her hands and feet were unbound. The cold air bit at her naked skin damp stone sucking the warmth from her body. After Grandvil finished torturing her friends, he had her thrown in this cell with nothing but dark and misery as companions.
      The images of what Grandvil forced her to watch still haunted her, the sound of Sheara’s screams as her flesh tore, Robyn’s desperate struggle to stay alive filled her mind each time she closed her eyes. Alone in her cell Malita let herself cry freely. Sheara was dead Grandvil forced her to watch until her blood ran dry and only the pale exsanguinated husk of the beautiful vibrant woman she once knew remained. Robyn stopped moving after a few minutes and left hanging for hours shit filling her lungs. Yuri was the only one still alive that she knew of. She still lived at the time they brought her to this cell. She thought of poor Yuri her arms twisted violently from their sockets and forever useless. Yuri might still be alive, she thought, but this fact gave her no solace. To be dead was to be lucky in this miserable hell.
      She did not know how much time passed since they brought her to this cell. But the rumbling of her empty stomach told her many hours must have gone by. And her thirst caused her mouth and throat to burn with its dryness. The last time she ate or drank was before the battle. How long ago was that she wondered?
       With a creaking moan, the door lurched open and light from a torch flooded through the doorway blinding her. She squinted to see held her hand to her forehead to shield her watering eyes. “Who is it? What do you want?”
      The man placed the torch into a cradle on the wall. As her eyes adjusted, she could see for the first time the room was bigger then she expected. It was large enough to fit a dozen men comfortably. She had been alone of course with nothing else in the room except its four walls. “It is us general, your men.” A familiar voice said.
      “Braxton? It’s you?” She said, confused. Her eyes beginning to adjust and she could see that it was not just Braxton. Nine more of her men entered the room behind him. Her heart jumped a twinge of hope giving her the first bit of pleasure she has felt in days. Did they free themselves, are they over taking Grandvil’s men right now, maybe even running a spear through his heart. A feeling of disappointment overcame her at the thought of not being the one to do it.
      Newfound hope gave her the strength to stand. Hope of freedom made any thoughts of her modesty distant as she revealed her full naked form to her men. “You have freed yourselves, good work, now let’s get the others and escape this place,” Melita said, stepping toward the door. But her men did not part to allow her passage as expected. For the first time as her eyes fully adjusted to the light, she noticed that her men were also naked. All ten of them stood before her as if born seconds ago. She reminded herself that it is likely Grandvil had the men stripped as he did with the women and in the rush to escape the men could not find any clothing. Despite this rational explanation, she found her hands moving to cover her nipples and crotch. A protective instinct brought on by a growing fear that something was not right.
      “I’m afraid that is not the case,” said Braxton. His eyes ran up and down her body in a way they never would have before. She noticed the other men doing the same. Melita looked at the craven faces of the warriors that once served her. Hags, Faxar, Dent and others, all names and men she knew well. Now they looked at her differently with eyes of lust and carnal starvation.
      Melita stopped covering herself; it only made her look weak, and squared her shoulders. “Explain yourselves immediately.”
      “Grandvil gave us a choice. We could betray you and join his army and be treated the same as his own men. Or be tortured to death like the women. All we have to do to prove our loyalty to him is to have our way with you. It was an easy choice,” Braxton said.
      Melita’s heart hit the floor her shred of hope going with it. “You would betray me and your rightful queen so easily.”
      “I am sorry general, but loyalty will only bring us suffering as it will you,” Said Braxton.
      “I will kill any man who touches me,” She said taking a fighting stance.
      The men snickered and closed in on her. She acted fast, targeting Braxton, her foot smacking the inside of his knee. He cried out and fell to the floor his knee shattered.
      She was a strong and skilled warrior but outnumbered ten to one there could be only one outcome. The men surrounded her grabbing her arms. A fist thrashed her jaw blurring her vision. Another blow pounded her abdomen and she could not breathe sapping her strength. Her legs ripped out from under her her head hitting the stone floor.
       Melita’s arms were pinned above her head and her legs spread and held apart. She screamed and cursed them as they overwhelmed her but they ignored her threats. Her men filled with the sexual lust that she never knew they held for her and at last, about to have a release to their long held frustrations. She knew there was nothing she could do to stop it.
      Hags stepped up first his cock bulging and easily ten inches in length. Melita pulled frantically to free her limbs but fists struck her in the face and ribs discouraging further struggles.
       Her pussy spread as his cock slid into her dry hole. He plunged in deep stretching her uninviting birth canal. She tried to scream but another hard cock stuffed into her mouth penetrating her esophagus and choking her.
         Her pussy burned from the dry friction her skin chafed and blood coated his cock, ironically, providing some lubricant. Each of them blew their loads pumping seed into her. She gyrated in disgust as cum poured down her throat and she gagged on in.
      After they finished the men switched off. The two who fucked her first stepped and another two stepped into place to have their turn. One pair after another fucked her mouth and pussy more men then she could count.
       Could it be that every man in her army was having a turn with her? All of them betrayed her and the queen. Melita went limp after the fourth, or was it, fifth pair that finished inside her.
      At one point, they flipped her over and started in on her ass. She struggled again at this point but more out of reflex than of any hope. Cocks invaded her ass and mouth one after another. Dozens of men stretched, tore, and filled Melita with their semen.
      Humiliated, and experiencing a pain and soreness, as she has never felt before Melita curled into a quivering ball of ravaged flesh. Sobbing despite herself as her men left her to her misery. The betrayal hurt the most she once called those men her friends and comrades. Now they have taken everything from her. Melita wished she had died on the battlefield.




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