The Hunt for Queen Sandra Part 6


By Wild Restraints


    Melita twitched nervously as she waited for Grandvil to finish placing his instruments. She could not escape of course. Her arms strapped at the wrists elbows and shoulders to a metal frame would not budge. Her legs spread and strapped at ankles, knees and hips and a final strap held her head in place putting her on display in a spread eagle position. The frame was waist high and parallel with the floor. Finally, a metal ring held her mouth open stretching her jaw and preventing speech.
    She and Grandvil were alone and he hummed softly while preparing his instruments of torture. Melita still reeled emotionally from the betrayal of her men and trembled knowing the agony she was about to endure. Her resolve faded beaten down by repeated torments she felt herself breaking. She forced the feeling away and tried to bury it deep in her soul where she hoped it would stay. But even as she did this a cool draft blew across her naked body reminding her of how exposed she really was.
    “Alright Melita, now this is where we finish things.”
    A whine escaped her throat from her gaping mouth and Grandvil smiled. He enjoyed her weakness, and her gut twisted knowing she showed it. “I have good news for you. I have decided to send you back to your queen.” He let the statement hang in the air before continuing. Melita knew he was only taunting her but even so the very thought of seeing her beloved queen again gave her a rush of fond memories. “You won’t be in your current form however, and you won’t be in any condition to carry on a conversation with her.”
    He held into her view a red-hot poker and smirked. “Lets begin.” Her eyes followed the poker down between her legs. A wave of heat resonated from her crotch as her flesh sizzled the soft inner tissue of her vagina being cooked by the poker. She filled the room with an inhuman wail biting the metal that held her mouth open. Her limbs strained against their bonds every tendon and ligament protruding from beneath her skin.
    After several long painful moments he removed the poker. Melita’s insides continued to scream even after the heat was removed. “It hurts now but after it heals you will have no sensation down there ever again. Its all apart of the package you are helping me prepare for your queen.”
    Melita tried to speak. She was ready, ready to beg for mercy, she has suffered enough all she wanted now was for the pain to end. But all she managed were pitiful moans the ring making anything more impossible. “Oh, I’m sorry, but the time for mercy has passed.”
    Melita could not see what he was doing but she felt the sharp pressure in her little toe as Grandvil clipped the small appendage away from her foot. Again, she went into a frenzy.
    One toe after another Melita felt the shears cut through flesh and bone. After each toe Grandvil cauterized the wound slowing the bleeding. More than once Melita lost consciousness but each time he would wait patiently for her to regain it and continue.
    After he finished on her toes he moved to her fingers. At this point Melita could do little more than twitch and whimper her body drained in everyway but the mutilation continued.



    Queen Sandra sat in her bath as one of her maidens ran a soft cloth gently down her back. The water was warm and pleasant recently heated on a stove nearby. After escaping Grandvil’s army they reached a safe position and set up camp. Now the men and women of her army trained and prepared for the next battle.
    One of her aids entered the tent. Sandra knew it must be important if they interrupted her bath. “I am sorry for the intrusion, malady but we have received a…”
    “What sort of delivery?”
    “You should come immediately malady.”
    “Ill be right there.” The aid saluted and left. What was this all about no one should know where they are. She stepped out from the bath and let the servant dry her.



    Her soldiers parted to let her pass clearing the way to a table. Whatever was on the table a cloak obscured it from view. Sandra approached and nodded for the cloak to be removed.
    Sandra gasped and took a half step back. “My god,” She said. On the table lying face up was the naked torso of Melita. Melita’s arms and legs were amputated at the shoulders and hips. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish as she tried to speak but only unintelligible sounds came out. Then Sandra realized why, Melita’s tongue had been severed making the formation of words impossible. Her teeth were also missing yanked from her jaw one at a time. Her eye lids were gone and the eyes themselves dried out and permanently blinded. Wounds could be seen around her ear holes she glanced at one of her men for explanation.
    “We are pretty sure her ear drums have been destroyed, she is most likely completely deaf. Her chest still rises and her heart still beats but they took any ability for her to communicate away from her.”
    Carved into Melita’s belly was a message a message she knew was intended for her. “This will be you soon.” Is all it said and that was all it needed to say.
    “What should we do with her?”
     She watched as Melita’s blind eyes flitted around aimlessly and tears dripped from the edges and moaned from a toothless mouth.
    Sandra wiped tears from her own eyes and drew her sword. She placed her palm over Melita’s forehead. “I am sorry, my sister in arms. Let me give you an honorable death at last.”
    Sandra plunged her sword into Melita’s side behind the ribs and straight into the heart. Melita let out a small cry her lungs deflated and in just a few seconds she stopped breathing. Melita’s suffering finally ended.
    “Have her buried with full honors and tonight we shall celebrate her life.” Sandra walked back to her tent knowing well that this was not over. She and her army will clash with Grandvil’s again soon. Only next time she plans to be on the winning side.


The End


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