The Hunt for Queen Sandra part 4

Wild Restraints


      Grandvil removed Robyn’s gag, “Please stop, I don’t know anything.” Robyn said, begging.
      “We are passed that, dear, I’m afraid your fate was sealed the moment you chose to fight for the whore Queen Sandra.”
      Robyn’s face was red from being hung upside down for so long. Tears soaked her forehead and mixed with sweat and snot which dripped onto the floor.
      Grandvil removed his erect cock which was level with Robyn’s mouth. “Let’s see how well you clean my prick and maybe you will earn yourself some mercy,” He said and then rammed his cock into Robyn’s mouth. He buried it to the base and held her head in place. Penetrating her gag reflex and blocking her throat. She tried to pull away but Grandvil refused to let her go. She wiggled frantically for a solid minute before her eyes rolled back in her head and her squirms slowed.
      Just before Robyn lost consciousness, Grandvil removed his cock and she gasped coughing for air. She was only given a short reprieve however as he thrust back inside. In and out he rammed Robyn’s mouth his balls smacking agianst her nose. Finally, his cock burst pumping her mouth full of warm white cum. Semen filled her mouth and dripped from her lips. The cum rolled up her face filling her nostrils and settling in her eye sockets.
      Grandvil grunted with satisfaction. “Good job slave. You still get no mercy, though. Bring the canister,” he said to an inquisitor.
      A moment later a canister sitting atop a pedestal was wheeled in. The pedestal held the canister level with Robyn’s breasts. And was about two feet deep by three feet wide and held level to Robyn’s chest. Grandvil lifted the lid allowing a putrid smell of rotting shit to escape. Inside the canister was a thick dark brown soup like substance.
      Robyn must have realized what it was and connected the dots because she went into a panic. “What is that for? Please, oh god get it away from me.”
      “Why would I do that? My men worked hard to produce this vat of shit just for you.” He grabbed Robyn’s head from behind and forced her to bend at the waist as the inquisitor rolled the open canister under her.
      To prevent her head from being submerged in the shit Robyn was forced to hold herself up with her abdominal muscles. Something the tired and beaten warrior would not be able to do for long.
      Forced to watch the sadistic scene unfolding in front of her Melita could not ignore the ingenuity of Grandvils shit in a box torture. Eventually Robyn’s stomach muscles will weaken and her head and shoulders will sink below the shit. At that point Robyn might be able to lift her nose for brief spouts enough for some air. But her instinct to survive will only lengthen her suffering.
      The room paused and watched as Robyn’s head sank slowly toward the shit. She screamed and begged for the shit to be removed but Grandvil only smiled.
      Robyn’s head dipped below the shit for the first time. Immediately after, her head popped back into view. Covered in the dark substance Robyn tried to breath even while gagging on the putrid fluid. She coughed and heaved until she vomited. And then her head inevitably sank below the shit line again. This cycle would continue for sometime until she either drowned or they moved the shit from beneath her.
      Grandvil left Robyn to suffer as he moved to Sheara who still hung stretched across the metal frame. Sheara vibrated with fear by this point. After listening to the screams and begging of her comrades Sheara knows what is in store for her.
      By now, the shackles around her wrists and ankles cut into her skin and drips of blood ran down her arms and feet. She forced air through her snot-clogged nostrils. Pitiful whimpers forced their way passed her gagging.
      An inquisitor handed Grandvil a metal object shaped like a pear. And he held it up for all to see. “Do you know what this is Sheara?” he said.
      Sheara’s brow wrinkled and her eyes squeezed shut tears spilling from them. She nodded her head.
      “hah, I thought you might,” he said, twisting the hand crank at one end of the device causing the pear to open. He held it so Melita could see.
      Grandvil inserted the pear into Sheara’s pussy and she moaned slightly. In its collapsed, position the size was manageable.
      Handed another pear Grandvil inserted it into Sheara’s ass. Sheara’s face grimaced as her sphincter stretched to accommodate the intrusion.
      Grandvil stepped back to admire his work. Both pears were buried inside her holes deep enough that only the hand crank could be seen. “Let’s make this into a game,” he said.




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