The Hunt for Queen Sandra Part 2


By Wild Restraints


      Grandvil pounded his fist into his palm Queen Sandra escaped again. Her rear detachment succeeding in holding them long enough for her main force to slip away. But the day was not a complete loss.
      “General, we have secured the prisoners,” Lieutenant Danka said.
      “Good, how many?”
      “We captured seventy-two, sir. Forty-two female and thirty male soldiers. And one of them is Melita Hexa.”
      Hearing that name counted among the captured made his cock twitch. Melita Hexa was one of Sandra’s closest subordinates. He knew Melita was loyal to a fault and would be difficult to break. But when he did break her and paraded the shattered woman around as an example to the rest that would be worth ten victories on the battlefield.
      “Have Melita and the rest brought to base camp. I will return there and perform the interrogations myself.”
      He watched as the female prisoners were stripped naked and their hands and feet lashed with rope to wooden poles like hogs to the slaughter. Two men then hefted each end of the poles onto their shoulders. He looked at their faces as his men carried the women passed him. Some of the women were stoic trying to maintain some dignity. But others cried uncontrollably undoubtedly aware of what was awaiting them as his prisoner.
      Last in line, he saw her, Melita, being borne toward him. He waved the men to stop. Melita hung from her limbs like meat on a spit. Her mouth was stuffed with dirty rags and sealed shut with leather straps. She did not try to speak and did not cry keeping up the show of strength.
      Her smooth tanned skin was slick with sweat and reflected the suns light. Sandra’s warriors always kept their bodies well groomed, clean of any hair below the eyebrows.
      He slid a callused hand across her breast pinching her nipple. He squeezed and twisted until Melita winced unable to hold it back. Smiling at his small triumph he continued down her stomach and between her legs. He penetrated Melita with two fingers until he found her clitoris. Trapping the nub between his fingers he pinched hard. Melita’s muscles tensed and she let out a pained groan.
      Melita did not lose the look of contempt and defiance in her eyes. “You are a strong one Melita Hexa but now you are mine and I will have all the time I need to put you back where you belong, in a woman’s proper place that is.”
      Melita sat naked and bound to a heavy wooden chair rope bound her ankles and knees to its legs. Her arms were stretched in a strapado      position while a rope tied to a ceiling beam maintained a constant pressure on her shoulders. Adding to her discomfort rope crushed her elbows together and her mouth was packed with soiled cloth sealed in place with leather straps.
      Barbed wire wrapped tightly around her breasts and cut into her skin. The wire sawed at her with each breath. Another rope coiled around her long blonde hair and extended to her pinky fingers where it was tied. This rope bent her neck back forcing her to look forward. If she let her head fall the rope would pull painfully on her fingers. But the longer she held her head erect the more her muscles cramped and weakened.
      An iron screw tightened two spiked pieces of wood over both of her breasts. Droplets of blood ran down her sides creating an itch she would never reach.
      Two iron poles welded to the chair seat penetrated her ass and pussy. The massive objects stretched her sensitive flesh.
      There was no way for her to know how long they kept her here but it was long enough for every part of her to ache.
      Melita hoped they made the queen proud through their sacrifices. Please don’t let the suffering she and her soldiers are enduring be in vain.
      Torches lined the walls causing the shadows to gyrate in the cracks of the stone work of the dungeon. The pain of her cramped position gave her the urge to cry but she fought it back with all her strength. She must be strong for the Queen.
      The door to the dungeon opened and General Grandvil entered followed by an inquisitor. Behind the inquisitor, a leash led in three of Melita’s female soldiers. Her breath caught in her throat as she recognized them.
      All three of the women were naked. The First to enter was Sheara her eyes downcast and defeated and gagged the same as Melita. Her arms were bound behind her back in a box tie shape. Rope wound around her tits squeezing them out like ripe melons. Her ankles were hobbled with an eighteen inch rope that allowed her to take only small steps.
      Next entered Robyn and Yuri both were bound in an identical way. The three women looked at her and Melita could see the shock on their faces. Seeing Their once proud and strong commander naked and bound it such a humiliating way must have been a blow to whatever resolve they still clung to. Stay strong; you are warriors of Queen Sandra.
      The inquisitor took position beside her. In his hand he held a cat o nine tails with marble size metal balls sewn into each strand. Grandvil led the women to the wall and affixed their leashes to an eye loop.


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