Left Alone

By Panzer
The cement is cold against her bare skin. It chilled her, causing goose bumps to appear over her body. The only thing that protected her skin from the cool air is yards of rope that bound her. The rope bound her ankles, above and below her knees, and fused her arms together behind her back from elbow to wrist.
She could not speak. Her mouth stuffed to capacity with cloth and sealed shut with duct tape. The room is dark and she has no way of keeping track of the passage of time. Without windows to see the sky, it could be night or day.
At some point her stomach began to rumble but that must have been hours ago already. It gurgled and begged for food but she could do nothing to please it. The inside of her packed mouth also cried out for water another bodily need that she could not provide.
Her bladder sat on the edge of bursting and if they did not come for her soon and allow her to relieve herself, she would be sitting in her own urine adding to her misery.
A blinding line of light appeared out of the dark. The line widened and she squeezed her eyes together to shield them from its brightness.
The silhouette of a man stepped into the light, entered the room and sat on his knees beside her. He pulled the tape away from her mouth and the cloth wading. “How are you?”
Her lips are dry and cracked her throat burned. She tried to speak but words would not come. She tried again and slowly managed to creak out the first words to come to her. “I need water and a bathroom.”
“Are you ready to become a filthy cum slut for the remainder of your life?”
She had shed many tears during her time in this hole and now new tears poured from her eyes. This man, her abductor, spoke to her the first words she had heard since before he brought her here and they did nothing to reassure her that this kidnapping would have a positive outcome.
Fighting back tears she tried to respond, “P…Please, just let me go I won’t say anything I just want to go home.”
He shook his head and dropped his eyes to the floor. “I’m sorry to hear that.” Without warning he grabbed her hair yanking her head back. Her mouth gaped and she cried out. When her mouth opened he stuffed the wading back in her mouth. He pulled a roll of tape from his pocket and wrapped it around her head more times then she could count.
She could not stop the tears now as they soaked her cheeks. “You will stay here without food, water or a bathroom until you submit to me willingly. Until you beg to be a cum dumpster.” As he turned to leave the room, she screamed through the gag, tried in desperation to get him to come back but he left the room closing her in the darkness. Her screams descended into hopeless uncontrollable sobs.
Time past, she had no clue how much time. Her bladder finally gave out and a long stream of piss drained out from under her. She enjoyed the relief, but only for a moment, as the stench met her nostrils. Sometime after that, she had no choice but to release a bowel movement. The tiny unventilated cell filled with the stench of her own filth.
Every inhale became agony and a battle not to vomit into her gag. She begged god that her kidnapper will return. She wanted him to return and give her another chance. She would submit to him, she would do anything for food, water or freedom from these ropes.
Her vision blurred and staying awake grew more and more difficult. As weakness overtook her she thought of him and how much she wanted to see him again. His return would mean a chance for release and she knew that this time she would submit to him totally.
The door opened again. The same line of light blinding her and the dark silhouette of the man entered. Her heart began to race the hope of release filling her malnourished body with new life.
The man removed the gag and her lips burned as the parched skin contracted. “Are you ready for your transformation?”
This time she did not hesitate. Willing her tongue to move and lips to respond, “Yes, please let me be yours.” the sentence ended on dry sobs her tear ducts mostly drained.
“Good, then this is the first test of your devotion.” He slid a bowl from out of a shadowy corner and produced a bottle from his pocket. He held the bottle so she can see it in the light. The liquid inside the bottle is amber colored and slightly translucent. She is afraid to ask what it is, instead sits in confused silence.
“This is a bottle of my piss, and it is going to be your first drink in five days.” He opened the bottle and slowly poured it into the bowl.
As she watched the filthy fluid fill the bowl in disgust, her heart sank the reality of her new life poured into that bowl.
“You will lap it up like a dog.”
The piss sat in front of her. Her thirst told her she wanted it. She needed it, even knowing what it is.
With some difficulty in her bound position, she balanced on her knees and bent forward until her face is only inches from the piss. Her tongue dropped into the urine and the taste caused her to dry heave but she fought it. Despite the foulness of the fluid it also soothed her starved body and before long the bowl is empty.
“Good job slave.” He stood and removed his erect cock. “It’s time for you to eat now.”
She knew what he meant and did not hesitate to stand up on her bound knees and open her mouth to accommodate his cock.
He rammed it down her throat the cock choking off her air. He held it until she is on the edge of panic and only then did he pull back. She inhaled for a split second before the cock filled her mouth again. Repeatedly, the thrusts came in and out and she did her best to breathe but also to satisfy.
His cock exploded into her mouth pumping cum down her throat and she swallowed all of it. “Another job well done, you are learning.”
“May I have more please?” Her words surprised her, she did not think of anything but her empty stomach. She wanted, no, she needed more. What is left of her rational mind told her she should be disgusted but her need to live made her desire it.
“I think I can go for another round.”
Again, she eagerly took his cock into her mouth and worked to pleasure. But even as she did a new well of tears is broken and they rolled down her face. These are tears of defeat and despair from this moment on she belonged to him in mind, body, and soul. This is her life, her reality, for the rest of her now miserable existence.
The End
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