Justice for All… Part 3


By Wild Restraints


      For a while, they left her alone. She tried to regain some composure but her mind refused to focus. The pains that wracked her body and the continuous effort to force air into her snot clogged sinuses drained her of any will.
      she must have fallen asleep at some point because she lost track of the passage of time. And she vaguely remembered having a dream. In the dream she was home with family, she was free and nothing caused her any pain. She was happy. Then she woke and the pain returned and she was a prisoner again. And she sobbed uncontrollably, until they returned for her to continue the torment.
      “Did you have a good rest because Steve wants a piece of that ass.”
      She only managed a moan in response.
      Steve took position behind her and spread her cheeks. Kim flinched as she realized what he was doing but she could do nothing else. Steve’s cock pressed it’s way passed her sphincter stretching it painfully wide. His cock began to pump rapidly in and out of her dry ass. She screamed through her gag as the torture increased with each thrust.
      It took longer for him to cum this time but finally his throbbing cock burst spewing the white fluid inside her colon. He pumped several more times for good measure before withdrawing with a satisfied moan.
      “You done yet Steve my daughter is biting at the bit to get her hands on this one?”
      “Yeah I’m good, lets reposition her first though to give the kids better access to this body.”
      They cut her binds and rebound her in a standing spread eagle position. Her wrists were shackled and pulled toward the ceiling until she was forced to stand on the balls of her feet. Similar shackles held her ankles to the floor and spread wide. Every part of her naked body was now open for them to punish without need to reposition her. Kim hung from her wrist the edges of the metal shackles digging into her skin her body still racked with the pain she has already endured.
      Kristal and her brother Neal approached her next and Kim forced herself to look at them. Maybe one of them would have mercy on her. Surely, Kristal, a woman, and having been through her own terrible experience would be able to empathize with her. She looked into Kristal’s eyes and saw only a cold dead stare at that moment she knew that the worst was yet to come.
      “You saved the man that tortured me who I was before is dead, the woman standing before you now will have no mercy on you whatsoever,” Kristel said.
      “I’ll handle the hot poker you take care of the needles,” Neal said, actually having to lick the saliva from his lips in anticipation.
     Kim squirmed and made a pitiful whine through her gag in protest. Neal pressed the red-hot iron poker into her side just below her ribs. A wave of burning agony ripped across her body and she pulled against her chains with such force that the shackles tore the skin completely blood dripped from the open gashes.
      Kristal stepped in next. She brandished a six-inch needle in one hand and pinched her left nipple with the other. Kristal pushed the needle into Kim’s tit just behind the nipple. The pain was unbearable but Kim was losing the will, as well as the energy to even struggle. She responded with low labored groans from deep in her throat.
      Another hot poker pressed into her ass, passed her cheeks toward her anus. The poker sizzled against her sphincter and continued inside burning the sensitive flesh inside. A long wolf like howl burst from her lungs and continued until every bit of air released. The poker withdrew and another needle penetrated her right breast.
      The two alternated from poker to needle giving attention almost every inch of her body with a piercing or poker. Several needles protruded from her breasts, nostrils, ass cheeks, armpits, and inner thighs. A bright red blistering burn now appeared everywhere there was not already a needle. The siblings left only one area untouched, Kim’s pussy.
      “You should be the one to deliver the coup de gras,” Neal said.
      “We have to make her a bit more alert first. I don’t want her to miss the best part.”
      Kim was only barely conscious at this point. Her head sagged and chin rested against a sweat soaked chest. Agony buzzed from every nerve in her body. Her mind swirled with vague barely remembered images of the life she once had.


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