The Hunt for Queen Sandra part 1

By Wild Restraints


      General Grandvil listened to the moans and screams of the women who surrounded him. Each woman was a prisoner taken on the battlefield and former soldiers of Queen Sandra. Half a dozen suffered at the hands of his inquisitors and he watched and smiled.
      He gazed at one woman beside him as her naked body was stretched on the rack. The shackles sliced her wrists and ankles to the bone as the tension increased. Her jaw bounced as she tried to inhale against her stretched torso. Pitiful moans escaped the former warriors throat.
      “An inglorious end to a once glorious warrior.” He said, mocking the poor sole who looked up at him, her face stained with tears. “All one of you have to do is tell me where your Queen’s army is camped and I will allow you a bath and a fresh meal and a good nights rest before your execution.”
      The girl struggled to speak and he leaned in closer to hear. “F…fuck you, piece of shit,” She said.
      He sighed and shook his head. “Work on this one extra long.” He said to the inquisitor who nodded and then turned the wheel again. The woman stretched even more her ligaments and muscles strained to keep her bones from separating. She screamed with what little air she could get into her lungs.
      Grandvil moved on to the next woman. It is possible none of them know where Sandra is. These women were part of a rear detachment and had not been with the main force in some time. But that hardly mattered they would be tortured regardless and their was always the possibility one of them might know something.
      The next woman hung suspended from her wrists and her knees were bound to her chest. Her ankles tied together and bound to her thighs forced the woman into a ball her wrists holding all of her weight. The position exposed her ass and pussy from below.
      The woman begged for mercy as she was lowered onto two red hot pipes positioned just right to penetrate her most sensitive areas. “Please stop, I swear I know nothing. Oh god please!” Her words were ignored as the tip of a pipe touched her sphincter.
      The woman tensed and tried to pull herself away but her arms just strained against her weight. She screamed as her sphincter stretched around the hot metal. The scream became a wail as the next pipe pressed against her labia. Her flesh hissed as it singed from the heat.
      Lower and lower, the inquisitor went until the pipes penetrated the girl all the way to their base. The inquisitor kept her impaled until her screams died down and her head sagged against her knees. Now she only sobbed, tears falling from her eye’s and rolling down her legs.
      “None of them are giving up anything.” An inquisitor said.
      “Keep at it, write down anything they say that might be of use. Otherwise, just enjoy yourselves.”
      Another woman who dangled from her breasts. Her elbows and wrists crunched together by rope. Rope bound her above and below the knees and at her ankles. Welts covered her entire body from hours of whipping. Pitiful squeaks escaped her mouth the energy for screams long expended. And any twitch of a muscle only yanked painfully on her breasts.
      As he passed the woman he pressed his hand against her ass and shoved. The woman’s squeaks turned to agonized moans as she swung from her tits. He laughed to himself as he left the chamber.
      He dreamed of the day he would have Queen Sandra in his clutches the way he has these women now. The woman was a legend not only in her kingdom but his as well. And that was why he needed to capture and break her in front of all the people. Someday he will have her and she will crawl at his feet like a common slave.
      Melita Hexa stood before her queen and friend Sandra. Tall and slender with black hair reaching to the small of her back. Green eyes so like the color of the nature god Nantosuelta they could seduce the heart of man or woman. “I have an important mission for you Melita.”
      “I am at your service as always.”
      “General Grandvil defeated one of our rear guard and he is moving in this direction fast.”
      “Yes I heard. I shudder to think what he is doing to the prisoners now.”
      Sandra closed her eyes, “I pray for the gods to take them before they suffer too long.”
      They let a moment of silence fall between them. Melita waited respectfully for Sandra to speak again
      “I want you to take your unit and hold the southern pass allowing us to withdraw to safety.”
      “We will not fail you.”
      “I know you won’t. You are my most trusted commander and friend. But this task is a dangerous one and we both know what Grandvil does to prisoners.”
      Melita dropped to one knee and bowed her head. “I would endure any torture and suffering for your highness.”
      Sandra put her hand on Melita’s head. “Please, do not speak in such a way. I cannot bare the thought of what he might do to you if he had the chance. Please stand.”
      Melita stood and Sandra enclosed her face between her hands. “Now go and make me proud.” Sandra said, kissing Melita on the forehead.
      Melita took a step back placing a hand over her heart in salute. “I am forever your servant my queen.” Melita turned and left the tent.


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