Held For Ransom

29_Held For RansomLR

Held for Ransom

They chained her down in this sewer and left her. They claimed to be going to collect the ransom money but they were gone for so long.
From her hunger and thirst she could guess days must have passed since they left her. At first her only companions were the steady drips of sewage leaking from nearby pipes.
But now as her own stench of sweat and waste permeated her dungeon new friends came out to play. The rats swarmed around her and slowly built the courage to nibble at her flesh.
She tried to squirm away from them but her chains would not allow it. As the rodents realized she was helpless to defend against them they began to swarm, clawing and biting at her naked flesh.
She sobbed, and silently begged for a savior or even the return of her captors to save her from a grisly fate.
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