Gambling Debts


By Wild Restraints



    Tom grimaced as his finger bent at an impossible angle. The pain crippled him and he felt as though his finger might snap out of it’s joint. “Please stop. I promise I’ll get your money,” he said, his voice croaked. 
    “You had better or else I’ll be cutting those digits from your hand next time.” Braxton said and released his hand.  
    “I will, I promise just give me a few days and I’ll have it.” 
    Braxton puffed a cigar but did not say anything at first. Two of Braxton’s men flanked him to ensure he remained seated. “I gave you a loan of eighty grand and with interest added, plus an extension fee you owe me ninety grand. I will give you a week to get it to me or else I start breaking things.” 
    “Yes, I understand I will have it.” 
    “Take this joke and dump him in the alley.” The guards responded and dragged him away.  
    He was an idiot. That was the whole of it a goddamn idiot. Tom rubbed his throbbing finger while he sat at his kitchen table thinking about what to do. He owed ninety-grand and all he had managed to get was twenty-three by calling in every favor he could. Now he had a week to get sixty-seven more. 
    The front door opened and his sister entered. “Hey what’s up?” she said, as she jogged up the stairs to the kitchen. 
    “I’m just contemplating suicide that’s all.” 
    She narrowed her eyes, “That’s not funny.” 
    “I know.” 
    “Well let me get dinner going and then you can tell me all about it.” She moved enthusiastically through the kitchen pulling items from the cabinets. 
    He watched her work. Kristy was twenty-three just two years younger than him and was definitely the smart one. After their parents died, as the oldest, he was supposed to take care of her but it ended up being the other way around. In the five years, since they were left alone they had grown close. 
    If she knew he had squandered most of their inheritance on foolish highstakes gambling she would kill him. Not to mention that he used a loan shark to get the money for one more bet that he had hoped would win it all back for him. Of course, he lost and that brought him to his current dilemma. 
    “Well, make yourself useful at least and take out the trash while I prepare dinner.” 
    “Sure, I’ll take care of it,” he said, in a monotone that did nothing to hide that something was on his mind.  
    Kristy’s brow wrinkled and he took that to mean that she noticed it as well. She will likely pester him with questions over dinner. He grabbed the garbage and left the kitchen before she could start in on him. 
    He went through the garage on his way back inside, and lingered, not wanting to face Kristy again. He sat at the small crafting table their father once used and rubbed his eyes. 
    A stack of papers sat neatly on one corner of the desk and he reached for it without really knowing why. About mid way down the stack he pulled out a chunk of stapled papers. At the top it read Official transfer of the rights of miss Kristy Harris from Greg Harris (now deceased) too son Mr. Thomas Harris. Below there were several paragraphs describing the details of human rights ownership.   
    He remembered these papers he received them not long after his dad died. He and Kristy never paid them much attention because as far as they were concerned they were both equals. The law didn’t agree of course but that never mattered. He held her rights but he never even considered that fact. At least until now as he read through the documents for the first time. Included in the papers a form he could fill out in the event he decided to sell Kristy’s rights on the free market.  
    A crazy and sick idea occurred to him. He could sell Kristy on the open market for a huge amount of money. But could it be that simple? No, he pushed the idea away he couldn’t do that he loved Kristy and needed her. He was more desperate then he thought. He slid the papers back into the stack and went inside for dinner. 
    He didn’t think about those papers for the next two days. But on the third day as his deadline fast approached he found himself unable to think of anything else. In the documents was a website where they sold a special wrangling kit. The kit included cable ties, duct tape, and a liquid that claimed to be able to put a grown women to sleep for one to three hours depending on the amount used. 
    After agonizing for several hours he decided to have the kit rushed to him just in case. Once it arrived he would see how he felt about the idea. What could thinking about it hurt? 
    “Are you feeling okay?” Kristy said, her brow pinching together with concern the way it always did when she was worried about him. 
    “I’m fine I just have a lot of my mind.” If only she knew what I had on my mind. 
    “Alright.” She didn’t seem convinced but got up anyway to prepare breakfast.  
    He watched her as he often did but this time was different. Normally he would look at her amazed that she was so good to him, and she really was, more then he deserved.  
    But the events of this week forced him to see her differently. More and more he found himself appraising rather then admiring her. 
    She moved around the kitchen in a pair of short shorts exposing her long smooth legs that ended in perfectly pedicured feet. A pink t-shirt just barely grazed the waist band of her shorts so that when she reached for the higher cabinets the small of her back became visible.  
    “Are eggs and bacon ok with you?” Kristy said. 
    “Yes, that’s fine with me.” 
    He knew he shouldn’t look at his little sister this way but he had too if he was going to make a decision. He spent a lot of time last night reading about what are the most sought after features in a woman. With blonde hair that reached to the middle of her back and a height of five feet seven inches not to mention a pair of C cup breasts Kristy had everything buyers looked for. In other words she would pay his debts and leave him with some left over.  
    “Okay eat up.” Kristy set a plate in front of him and glided into her own seat across the table. Her lips curled into a smile and her cheeks bunched revealing her dimples. 
    She was a beautiful woman, without a doubt, and he loved her. But despite that fact, or maybe even because of it he knew what he would have to do. As soon as he finished dinner he would begin making preparations to sell off his sisters rights and save his own life at the same time.  
    His package arrived later that day and he immediately started to plan. Kristy always went for a jog after dinner and went straight into the shower after. That would be his best chance.  
    The kit he ordered came with a aresol sedative that would put her to sleep almost instantly upon inhaling. He readied the can and waited outside the bathroom door for her to finish her shower. His heart thumped against his chest as the minutes passed and he heard her turn off the water.  
    The door unlocked and then opened. Kristy stepped through the doorway into view without even glancing to her side where he stood. He sprayed the aresol directly into her face.  
    Her nostrils curled and her eyes squinted as the mist hit her. “What the fuck? Tom, what..was…that?…” Her words slurred and cut out even as her lips continued to mouth them. She stumbled a few steps past him her arms groped for something to brace against. And then her knees buckled, he reached, and caught her limp body. 
    He guided Kristy to the floor and placed her on her back. Her eyes were shut and she breathed steadily. She was totally out cold. He looked at the aerosol can still in his hand. This stuff was worth twice what he paid for it. That was a lot easier than he expected hopefully the rest goes as smoothly.  
    Kristy had on just a bathrobe her hair was still damp from the shower and she smelled of strawberry shampoo. They will want to see her body. He thought for a long time as he studied his sisters sleeping form. Well, in for a penny in for a pound. There was no going back now.  
    He untied Kristy’s robe and opened it to reveal her naked body. Her tits stared at him they were perfectly round and firm and she was clean-shaven everywhere below the eyebrows. She was gorgeous and was going to be worth a fortune. She will pay his debts and he even stood to make a profit. He carried her into the living room and placed her into a wooden chair. He selected the chair because its design made it perfect for the task of binding her before she woke up.  
    He secured her to the arms of the chair from wrist to elbow with four cable ties each. More cable ties pinned her legs apart cinching her at the ankles and knees. Finally, he bound her above and below her tits to hold her upper body to the chair back.  
    As he bound Kristy a sense of power filled him and it surprised him. He was doing a terrible thing to his own sister and all he could think about was the dominance he felt over her. It wasn’t sexual, she was still his sister after all, but just the knowledge that he held her fate in his hands gave him a sense of purpose he never had before.  
    He sat on the couch studying his work. Kristy’s head sagged her chin resting on her chest. He had a gag ready for her but he wanted to explain what was happening first. He owed her that much. 
    After a few minutes Kristy began to rouse. Her head jerked to the sides and she looked up her eyes blinking. “W…what happened?” She tried to move. “What is this…why am I tied? Why am I naked?” 
    “Just calm down Kristy.”  
    “Tom please help me.” 
    “I can’t not after all the trouble I went through to get you all trussed up.” 
    Her eyes narrowed and it seemed to dawn on her for the first time that he was the one who did this to her. “What are you talking about?” 
    He told her everything and to her credit she sat quietly and listened to every word, at least until he finished. 
    Knowing what he planned for her seemed to fill her with life and she yanked violently against the ties. “You mother fucker I’m your sister, how can you do this to me?” Help, please, someone help,” she screamed.  
    He moved around behind her and clamped his hand over her mouth. “You don’t seem to understand. Everything I am doing is legal I have submitted all the paperwork. Representatives of the collection board will be here soon to take you off my hands,” He forced her mouth open and stuffed the ball gag, included in his kit, into her mouth and secured it around her head. “I’m sorry it came to this but I have to protect myself.” 
    Kristy squirmed and jerked against the ties and begged through the gag. Before long her damp hair became wet with sweat and her lathered skin shined in the light. Tears flowed down her cheeks and dripped onto her breasts. As the time wore on her eyes took on a look of desperate pleading as it became clear she could not escape on her own. Eventually, she grew tired and frustrated, slumped in her chair and quietly sobbed.  
    After a few minutes the door rang and Kristy perked up again. She made noise through her gag he assumed she hoped whoever was on the other side could help her. She still didn’t seem to get that what he was doing was legal. 
    Three men in well fitted suits stood at the door. “Are you Mr. Harris the one who called regarding his sister?” 
    “Yes that’s me. She’s up here.” 
    The men introduced themselves as simply Agent Smith, Barnes, and Jacobs. 
    He waved the men in and led them to where Kristy sat.  
    Kristy let out mortified moans and more tears soaked her cheeks.  
    “We will have to release her to assess her value. We need to see her standing.”  
    “Do whatever you have to do,” he said. 
    He watched as they cut Kristy loose. She tried to run once her limbs were free but these men were professionals. One man grabbed each of her arms and held her in a crucifix position. Agent Barnes held a taser in front of Kristy’s face and flicked it on. Her eyes went wide and she tried to pull away but the men held her tight. “If you kick I will shock you into unconsciousness. Nod if you understand.” Kristy nodded and made pitiful squeaks through the gag. “Good.” 
    Agent Barnes proceeded to inspect every inch of Kristy’s body. Measuring her breasts, midriff, and ass. Forcing Kristy to spread her legs he even inspected the size and shape of her labia. As he continued his methodical practice he jotted each data point into a tablet computer.  
    While agent Barnes worked, Kristy stared at Tom and her eyes betrayed a mix of emotion. He forced himself to meet her gaze and he saw in her bloodshot and tear filled eyes, anger, fear, betrayal, but also defeat. He looked back at her expected it would be difficult. But as their eyes met all he felt was his dick tingling, growing into an erection under his pants. It wasn’t his sister he was drawn too but rather the intense feeling of control and domination he had over her in this moment. This new found feeling of power over another human being filled him and washed away any remnant of doubt or remorse he might have had. 
    “The inspection is complete. Get her ready for transport,” Barnes said, to his two agents. The agents pushed Kristy face down on the rug and bound her in a brutally tight hogtie. “Okay, Mr. Harris, your sister is considered a high value sale, and we have appraised her at one-hundred and thirty grand.” 
    He heard the words and could hardly believe them. He knew she would be worth a lot but never imagined it could be this much. He would be able to pay his debt and still have plenty left over.  
    Kristy writhed on the floor her arms pressed together at the wrist and elbows. And her ankles pulled so tightly that her heels nearly reached passed her thumbs. “Do you hear that Kristy you just got me one-hundred thirty grand.” She squirmed against the ropes and shook her head as if to say no but all it did was amuse the men who stood over her. “Makes me wish I had another sister,” he said, laughing. 
    “Would you like to receive updates on her progress?,” Agent Barnes asked. 
    “In a few months we will send you photos and an update on her new life.” 
    “Oh, yes that would be great.” 
    Barnes placed a brief case on the coffee table and opened it. Inside were neatly stacked rolls of bills. Barnes counted out several stacks and placed them into a bag. “That’s your money in the brief case,” Barnes stood, “Get the merchandise.” 
    Kristy let out a blood curdling wail only partially muffled by the gag as Agent Smith slung her bound naked body over his shoulder and carried her to their van.  
    The agents left and he was suddenly alone in the house. It was quiet and he knew he would be eating a TV dinner tonight. But any regrets melted away as he counted the money. 
    He used the money to pay off his debt and settled into his knew life without his sister. He learned to cook and do all the things that she once did for him. But he couldn’t shake the feeling he had as he watched Kristy being inspected. The power, the dominance, the very thought exhilarated him and he wanted more. 
    About a month after he sold Kristy he made a decision. He applied to the collection services to begin training as an agent himself. Once he completes the program it will be him coming to peoples houses to collect their wives, sisters, and daughters. The very thought of it got him hard. 
    After three months passed he received a package in the mail. Inside was the update on Kristy they promised him. The package contained a stack of photos of Kristy bound in all manner of constrictive bondage. Some images of her hung upside and forced to suck a line of cocks. Others showed her bound to a table, men penetrating her from both ends. And in all of them her naked skin seemed covered in welts from repeated full body whippings. 
    Included with the pictures was a typed letter that said: 


Mr. Harris, 
    Your sister, Kristy, has adjusted well to her new role as a mindless sex slave. After an initial adjustment phase which proved difficult for her she now seems to have acclimated well. 
    She follows all commands without hesitation and takes two and even three men on at once. She no longer remembers her name and answers only to slave. 
    We thank you for your business and hope to work together again. 
    The Federal Collection Services. 
    After reading the letter and studying the photos closely he rubbed his rock hard cock. As he sat pleasuring himself he knew on every level that selling his sister was the best decision he had ever made. 


The End


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