Justice for All… part 4


By Wild Restraints


      “We can bring her back with a simple stimulant,” Neal said.
      He emptied a syringe into Kim’s neck and within ten minutes, she felt the world around her coming back into focus. Along with it, the pain increased her brain no longer able to dull her senses as the stimulant diminished her mental defenses.
      A hand slapped across her face and then another and finally a third time until Kim raised her head to look Kristol in the eye. “Good, you’re back with us.”
      Kristal retrieved a pocketknife from the nearby table and holding the blade in one hand began to message Kim’s clitoris. She could not gain any pleasure from the touch as even her most tender area sent pain signals to her brain at this point. Kristol raised the knife in front of Kim’s eyes and at that moment she realized what was about to happen.
      She moaned a shrill ear piercing sound from her throat as Kristal pressed the blade to the base of her clit. Kristal slowly used the knife-edge to saw through her sensitive flesh. Her body summoned a last bit of reflexive energy and pulled frantically on her bonds. The knife cut clean removing Kim’s clit. She felt blood stream down her inner thighs and her vision dim but her brain refused to shut down because of the stimulant.


      “Don’t want you to bleed to death.” Kristal said retrieving a hot poker from the fire. Kristal rammed the poker up Kim’s pussy. A loud hiss filled the room as it singed her birth canal and cauterized her severed clit. To exhausted and her brain to destroyed by her suffering she merely twitched spasmodically as the heat ate at her.


      Kim slumped in her bonds and her breath was shallow and labored. Her mind swirled with pain her old life existing as nothing but a dim faded memory.


      “Okay dad I’m done with her. You can get rid of her now.” Kristal and Neal left the room.


      Mr. Headley and Steve removed the needles from her body. Each one causing her to twitch and moan softly but she could manage no more. They released her shackles and set her face down on the cement floor.


      Her muscles did not respond to her commands. And her limbs flopped limp beside her. Nevertheless Mr. Headley grabbed her arms and sealed her elbows together with rope. He bound her wrists together then tied her wrists to the small of her back tightening the rope cruelly around her belly. Next he wrapped rope above and below her knees and again at her ankles. He pulled her ankles toward her head and synched them to her elbows. Finally, he looped rope between her gagged lips forcing her head back and tied the end to her big toe. This forced Kim into a back breaking arch position keeping constant pressure on her neck and spine.


      “By now your probably hoping I’m about to kill you. But unfortunately for you I have a better idea.” He lifted her from the floor and carried her to the trunk of a car. Steve started the engine as Mr. Headley lowered her into the trunk. “Rest up sweetheart we have a long drive then you will get to meet your new owner.” He shut the trunk leaving her in pitch black dark.


      As the car drove Kim tried to regain her senses. Pain still emanated from every inch of her body and the cramped position only added to it. She gave a token struggle trying to twist her wrists but the rope only cut her skin. Tears mixed with snot and drool covered her face with a thick slime of her own fluids. At one point her bladder gave out emptying into a puddle between her legs. Mr. Headley was right she did wish she were dead.


      They drove a while but in her distressed state keeping track of time were imposable. Eventually the car jerked to a stop and the trunk opened. Mr. Headley lifted her from the vehicle and placed her on pavement.


      It was dark and they were in a shipping port filled with shipping containers. She waited with Mr. Headley and Steven standing over her for several minutes until a third man approached them. “I must say I was surprised to get your call Mr. Headley.”


      She heard the voice and it sounded familiar but her memory was so jumbled from her torture that she couldn’t place it. “Im not happy about it either but scum should be with scum, Mr Deckard.”


      Kim remembered the instant she heard the name Max Deckard it was the guilty man she got off. Deckard knelt beside her “Hello again Ms. Harris, wow they really did a number on you.”


      She groaned and squirmed suddenly realizing that with this man her suffering would continue forever. “I’m going to have to work hard to treat you worse then they already have, but I have a few ideas,” Deckard said.


      “Just make her disappear forever we don’t care what else you do with her,” Headley said.


      “Don’t worry, no one will ever see her again but me. And ill keep her alive a good long time even if just barely,” Deckard said, laughing. He lifted her from the ground and carried her to his own waiting vehicle. All she could do is weep and make pitiful groaning sounds as one torment was ending only for a new lifetime of torment about to begin.
 The End


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