Content Codes


The following are codes used to describe the content found in the stories on this site and their meanings. These are used to give a reader at-a-glance information about exactly what they will find in the story:

Gender Roles:

F/f – female dominating a female
F/m – female dominating a male
F/mf – female dominating a male & female
f-self – female self-bondage
M/f – male dominating a female
M/m – male dominating a male
M/mf – male dominating a male and female
m-self – male self-bondage
MF/f – male and female dominating a female
MF/m – male and female dominating a male
MF/mf – male and female dominating a male and female
Other/f – machine/fictional being dominating a female
Other/m – machine/fictional being dominating a male
Other/mf – machine/fictional being dominating a male and female


blackmail – blackmailed participant
consensual – willing participant
NC – unwilling/forced participant
reluctant – reluctant participant (not sure at first, but warms up to the idea)

Overall Severity:

Mild – This story will include mostly romantic bondage play (fuzzy handcuffs, silk scarves etc) and will involve two consenting participants.
Moderate – This story will include mostly consensual bdsm play but might involve more serious stuff like tight bondage or whipping, spanking, nipple clamps etc… making it more severe that mild.
Heavy – This type of story will include non-consensual fantasies and may contain extreme bondage, torture, modification, slavery, emotional torture and essentially anything else except snuff. These stories may not be for the faint of heart.
Extreme – This type of story will contain everything listed under heavy but will also include snuff. These stories may not be for the faint of heart.

Specific Acts:

analplay – any play involving the anus
armbinder – restraint containing arms behind back in a sheath
beastiality – sexual interaction with animal
bondage – restraint reducing movement
breathplay – air cutoff or severely reduced
buried – victim buried alive or partially buried
caught – discovered by person unaware of situation
cbt – cock and ball torture
chastity – device preventing sex or masturbation
cross-dressing – male dressing/acting as a woman, usually submissive
drugs – participant drugged, usually for control
electricity – painful electric shocks via device or toy
enema – participant is given an enema
extreme – severe restraint, usually with intense discomfort or pain
fanfiction – Involves characters from other fictional stories
fantasy – magical/mythical people, places and things
games – game to determine outcome of future events
humiliation – embarrassment, degradation
incest – contact or play with family members (blood relatives only, a spouse or in-law does not count)
kidnapping – participant forcefully captured
latex – latex/rubber garments or restraints
loving – sensual and caring
machine – computer/device controlling or disciplining a person
medical – involves medical devices
medieval – involves medieval torture devices and techniques.
mind-control – participant controlled by drug or training
mummification – tightly wrapped, unable to move

Mutilation/Modification – The removal of a body part or organ/body alteration, piercings, and surgery etc…
non-fiction – true account of events
packaging – person locked in a box, chest, container, etc…
piercing – involves piercing with needles or other sharp objects
plasticwrap – plastic sheet used for mummification or breathplay
ponyplay – roleplay involving ponies or horses
predicament – participant has control to trade one discomfort or another
public – participant in public situation, discovery risk
sci-fi – science fiction, future fantasy
self-bondage – self-inflicted restraint or bondage
sensorydep – removing sensory input such as blindfold, earplugs, etc…
slavery – long term loss of freedom, usually non-consensual
snuff – implied/actual death of participant
spanking – participant is spanked with hand or paddle
spouse – involves husband or wife dominating their spouse
suspension – participant suspended in the air
teen – participant is of teen age, 18 or 19
tickling – participant is tickled
TT – Tit torture
torture – physical pain inflicted on participant
toys – adult toys, insertables, vibrators
tricked – participant is tricked into bondage or situation
turnabout – initial dominant has the tables turned on them at some point
violent – graphic violence, anger, extreme pain
voyeur – people are spied on without their knowledge while performing sex acts
waterplay – drowning or water torture
watersports – participant is urinated on or ingests urine
Whipped – Involves whipping

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