Slave Cell

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Slave Cells

This slave sleeps after a long day of work at the Tartarus Society. The cells are six by five feet in size and equipped with nothing more than a toilet and cot. When inside the cells the slave is fitted with her collar. The collar can only be removed by Tartarus personnel.
The slave must sleep with her skin exposed to the cool air without a blanket or sheet. The cells are temperature controlled and kept at a constant fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit just cold enough to keep them shivering and miserable.
A toilet is available to allow the slave a small amount of relief and to save in clean up. The tank is sealed shut and the seats permanently affixed to the bowl to prevent a slave from hurting herself or Society personnel.
Some might ask why the Society bothers providing these cells when a slave might be kept alive with far less effort and expense. However, the Society has learned that giving its slaves just a small amount of comfort can go a long way toward lengthening there profitability lifespan.
In some cases, it is necessary to keep a slave restrained and many types of restraints can be affixed to the cot frame.
It is also useful to note that most slaves at the Society lull themselves to sleep with tears of despair.
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