A Sister’s Revenge: Part 2

By Panzer
When she returned Beth hung from her stretched arms her back slouched and her head rested on her chest her neck limp. A puddle of piss surrounded her knees and soaked her thighs. “Couldn’t hold it could you. We will have to do something about your ability to choose when you piss.”
She untied Beth’s ankles from her elbows and pulled the winch attached to her wrists forcing her to stand until Beth stood on her toes.
She untied Beth’s legs and retied her ankles to the ends of a three-foot spreader bar. Only the very tips of Beth’s big toes touched the ground but it was all she could do to prevent all her weight resting on her strappado arms.
“I decide when you piss and shit.” She produced a butt plug about the size of her closed fist at its widest point.
She spread Beth’s cheeks and inserted the plug. Tight at first, but with some force the widest part slipped past the sphincter and lodged in place. Beth would not be able to remove it without the use of her hands that she will never have.
Beth moaned as the plug slipped into place the first sound she made since she entered the basement. The hours spent in the basement were effective in breaking Beth’s spirit she was simply trying to endure hope of release gone.
Next, she snaked a rubber tube up Beth’s urethra this caused the moans to become shrieks muffled by the gagging but still managed to be shrill to the ear.
On the outside of the tube was a hand pump like a blood pressure monitor. As she pumped the tube it expanded stretching Beth’s urethra and closing off the passage.
Beth came alive as her delicate insides strained against the intrusion causing unbearable pain. Her shoulders bent nearly to the breaking point as she struggled to escape the pain.
“That will prevent you from relieving yourself until I am ready for you too.”
Exhaustion caused Beth’s struggles to slow but she now made panicked wines through the gag as she tried to endure.
“Now that’s taken care of let me try another one of my gadgets on you.”
On her table of tools, she picked up the cattle prod a device about eighteen inches long ending in two prongs.
Taking the prod, she hovered the business end inches from Beth’s tits and moved it down, past her navel. She let the prongs graze against Beth’s pussy. Beth’s muscles tensed she knew what was coming and waited in terrified anticipation.
She pulled the trigger and pressed the prongs against Beth’s nipple. Her sister jumped and let out a miserable yelp tears streaming down her face again.
She shocked her in her tits, stomach, pussy and anywhere else she chose. Each shock came randomly and in a new place. Sometimes two or three in rapid succession and others she held out for long agonizing seconds.
Beth bucked like a bull trying anything in her desperation to escape the electricity. Natalie continued for several minutes releasing all of her pent up rage with each pull of the trigger.
Finally, satisfied for the time being she sat down to admire her destroyed sister. Beth hung from her arms her legs limp from repeated shocks and fatigue. Her chest vibrated from soft futile sobs that would not stop. A light green drip of snot mixed with tears as it slid down her taped mouth.
She rubbed her clit into another overpowering orgasm simply looking at Beth in her weakened and humiliated state sent her over the edge.
She sighed. Tomorrow is Sunday and her fun would have to end soon but at least things will be different now. Beth will never look her in the eye again. It is likely; she will never look anyone in the eye again.
Leaving Beth by herself for the night, she went upstairs to bed. Tim would not be home until late tomorrow so it would still give her all day alone with Beth.
She slipped off to sleep while masturbating to the mental image of her sister in the basement.
Natalie stirred from a dream-filled sleep. Her head twitched then her eyes opened. The ceiling was not right. She squeezed her eyes shut then opened them again still it was wrong. She tried to rub her eyes but both of her arms were immobilized. The ceiling was not her bedroom but the basement.
What the fuck. She tried again to move. She could lift her head enough to see leather straps restrained her shoulders and her arms above her head to a wooden table. The old antique table that had always been stored in the basement now held her bound.
Stirrups bound her legs at the ankle putting her nude body on display and her pussy exposed. More straps bit into her stomach and upper thighs holding her helpless.
She scanned the basement for Beth but she was gone. The ropes that once bound her hung loose from the ceiling.
What happened? Beth could not have escaped on her own the ropes were too tight and she was too beaten to escape. How did she get here?
Natalie panicked and pulled frantically at her restraints. No gag muffled her cries and she yelled a shrill pathetic croak for help. “Pipe down you don’t want to wake your sister do you.”
It was Tim’s voice he must have come back early. “T..tim, what is happening?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know. Imagine my surprise when I got in early last night and found poor Beth in the miserable state that you left her in.”
“Wait I can explain.”
“Don’t bother Beth told me all I need to know and I saw the rest with my own eyes. All it took was a little chloroform to keep you asleep while I relocated you down here.”
“What are you going to do to me?”
Tim smiled and moved around to her head and held a cylindrical metal object about three inches in diameter into her view. He brought the object down onto her mouth.
Natalie held her lips together and clenched her jaw. “Fine fight it. I will only increase the pressure until you yield or your teeth break.”
She opened her mouth and the hard metal stretched her jaw almost to the point of dislocation. Tim pressed the gag into her mouth crushing her cheeks then secured it in place with hooks attached to the table.
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Natalie squirmed in her restraints trying to relieve the pressure but she could not escape it.
“I’m going to fuck you now as part of your punishment for what you did.”
Natalie could not believe this was happening. Only a few hours ago she had everything and now she was the victim. Beth deserved what she got but Tim always took her side.
Tim’s clock penetrated her helpless pussy. The idea of being fucked by her brother revolted her but she could do nothing to stop it.
Tim thrust into her dry pussy and she felt his cock inside her stretching her insides. Ramming in and out his balls slapped against her taint. The restraints and the stirrups kept her firmly in place unable to escape.
Finally, Tim’s cock exploded inside of her. His cum filled her and she felt it dripping down her ass.
“I’m ready to get started now Tim.” She heard Beth’s voice entering the basement.
Tim breathed heavily still recovering from his orgasm. “Okay I’m done with her for now.” He zipped up his pants “I’m going to let Beth have a turn with you she has a lot planned.”
Natalie whimpered and tried to beg through the gag for Tim not to leave her with Beth. Tears ran down her face as she desperately tried to avoid her fate. He ignored her and left the two sisters alone together.
Beth removed the gag and Natalie moaned at the temporary relief. “You stupid little bitch you are going to pay for what you did to me.”
“No please Beth I was going to let you go before Tim got home I swear. Please don’t do this.”
“I remember begging for your mercy not long ago but I didn’t get any and neither will you.”
Beth held her hand over Natalie’s nose and mouth. “Open your mouth if you want to breathe.”
With no other choice, she opened her mouth and Beth acted fast inserting a jaw-spreading device used by dentists during surgery. Beth ratcheted the spreader until her mouth opened beyond its limits.
Another strap came across her four head and tightened pinning her head to the table.
Natalie pulled against the straps out of instinct more than anything her mind just told her to escape this insanity. She wished she never kidnapped Beth she just wanted not to be tortured. Now she was as helpless as she had made her sister.
Beth held up a pair of plyers, Natalie’s eyes went wide, and her struggles became primal but no more effective. “I am going to give our brother a gift for saving me by pulling out your teeth so you can give him the best blowjobs.” Natalie screamed, every muscle in her body trying to break free as she heard her sister’s words. “Tim and I came to an agreement. From this day forward and for the rest of your life you will be his fuck pet and you will be my torture pet.”
A desperate plea in the form of unintelligible moans came from her gaping mouth. The gag made it impossible for her to speak or to protect her teeth from the plyers.
“I’ve never done this before. I expect there will be quite a bit of blood. Don’t worry though, slut, I plan to keep you alive for a long time.”
As the plyers gripped one of her molars all Natalie could do was shriek from deep within her throat and regret the day she ever thought about getting revenge on her sister. Now her life would be nothing but agony.
The End
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