A Sister’s Revenge: Part 1

  By Panzer
Natalie stared at Beth hanging from the ceiling by her wrists and loving the way the ropes bit into her sister’s delicate skin. The weight causing the ropes to cinch so tight her hands became purple.
Beth still slept from the drug she had given her and still unaware of her current situation. At eighteen Beth was two years younger and had everything, a perfect body with perfect tits every guy stared at her especially her tight little ass.
Beth’s beauty is not what made Natalie hate her sister so much. She was also quite beautiful but no one seemed to notice when cute little Beth was around. Even their older brother Tim favored her always taking her side in every argument. He loved Beth more she knew that, he always did, even before mom and dad died.
Tim left for the weekend leaving Beth and her alone for three days. He did not leave them often he took his guardianship very seriously. She and Beth were both adults now but Tim always took care of them since their parents died six years ago.
She dreamed of the day for years that she would punish Beth once and for all. And that day was finally here.
This weekend would be the first overnight trip Tim has taken since their parent’s death. However, for Beth it will be the worst weekend of her life.
After Tim left the driveway in the early morning, she offered to make Beth breakfast an offer she accepted without a second thought, her mistake. It was just a matter of a drug in her orange juice to put her into a deep sleep for hours.
Her plan was to film Beth during her humiliation at her hands and threaten to post the videos all over the internet if she told anyone about what happened this weekend. This would make it possible for her to release Beth on Sunday night before Tim returned without fear of being caught. Beth’s humiliation should be enough to put her in her place.
Beth was always a prude and never had a boyfriend that she knew of and was still a virgin in every way. She knew Beth’s shy and reserved personality would make her terrified of her naked humiliated body spread all over the world and that fear would keep her in line.
She left Beth ungagged for now she wanted to hear her beg a little first. She sound tested the basement earlier and was confident no one would hear Beth scream. She had moved everything she needed into the basement in preparation for this moment. A table filled with tools she would be using and a chair for her to sit in and gaze at her tormented sister. The only other thing in the basement was an old wood table that had been in the family forever she never knew where if came from.
A soft moan told her Beth was waking. She checked the ropes. Bound at the ankles, above and below the knees and bound at the wrists Beth would not escape. She removed all of Beth’s clothes before hoisting her on a winch until the tip of her toes suspended just one agonizing inch from the floor.
Beth’s head, pushed forward by her stretched arms, started to move as she tried to look up and her eyes flickered open.
Natalie checked the three camera tripods she set up earlier to catch all the action. Each camera’s red light indicated they were rolling.
“What… what happened?” Beth said before her situation came into full focus. “Oh my god, my arms. Where are my clothes?” Beth kicked her legs trying to find the floor. Her body twisted and wiggled against the ropes causing her to sway like a piece of slaughtered meat. “Please help somebody help.” Beth screamed, panicking and did not notice Natalie standing nearby watching the glorious scene.
“No one will help you Beth, I made sure of that.”
Beth’s eyes jerked in her direction aware at last of her presence. “Nat what is going on, did you do this to me?”
Tears of pain and fear slid down Beth’s face, her cheeks glowing red from exertion. “Yes I did. You will be my play thing for the weekend while Tim is gone.”
“I’m your sister why are you doing this to me?”
“Because everyone likes you more than me and you will suffer for it.”
“People would like you if you were nicer to them.” Through tears and a cracking voice, Beth managed to get the words out. “Please let me down it hurts so much.”
“Enough of you groveling it’s time to shut you up.”
She approached her quivering sister and when Beth opened her mouth to beg for release she rammed a dirty sock into her mouth and pressed it deep inside with both thumbs then sealed it with duct tape. She wrapped Beth’s head with tape covering the entire lower half of her face from nostril to chin.
Beth screamed as she sealed her mouth but the gag muffled the sounds no longer able to form words that anyone could understand. Beth breathed through her nose each breath labored her stretched position making breathing difficult.
She stepped away from her sister as Beth kicked her legs more out of frustration then any real hope of accomplishing anything. She retrieved from a nearby table a cat of nine tails made of a hard unforgiving leather. She held it in front of her sister’s face and Beth’s eyes grew wide as she saw the whip and realized it was for her.
More struggles came from Beth a desperate hope something might give and allow her to escape. “Careful little sis all that struggling and you might break a wrist.”
She brought the whip down on Beth’s tits and she flinched so violently that she actually loosened the tension on the rope attached to the ceiling. This caused her to jerk her wrist and droplets of blood dripped from under Beth’s wrist bindings.
She brought the whip down repeatedly. Each lash caused frantic squirms and moans from her sister. Beth tried to brace herself for the hits but could do nothing to avoid the cut of the leather against her skin. Dark red welts began to appear after every hit and soon the effect of the whip covered her sweet sister from head to toe. As the torture continued, Beth’s struggles slowed as she tired. Eventually the whip could get only pitiful whimpers from her with each hit.
She continued until she reached one hundred strokes and fell exhausted into the chair. Beth hung limp only semi-conscious. Her body lined with deep red welts on her tits, stomach, ass and back. Every part of her sister’s body bore a mark of punishment. Beth whimpered quiet moans of pain and defeat.
But this was only the beginning just a preamble to break Beth in and make her more docile. She might have to change her position several times over the next three days and she could not knock her out every time.
She lowered Beth to the floor until forced to balance on her knees. She untied Beth’s hands, repositioned them behind her back, and retied them. She cinched more rope around Beth’s elbows tightening them until they touched. Beth moaned through the gag as her shoulders stretched painfully. She attached Beth’s wrists to the ceiling winch and raised it until her arms bent into a strappado position so severe the wrists extended far above her head. Her sister sobbed her body shivered from torture and the cool basement air against her naked skin.
A Sisters RevengeWM
The cameras captured everything. She would remove herself from the images later, of course, but for now, every minute of Beth’s humiliation would be documented.
She removed the gag and the tape clung to Beth’s hair pulling clumps out of her scalp. She removed the sock from her mouth. “Please stop hurting me.”
She slapped Beth across the face. “You don’t get to talk bitch.” Soaked with tears, sweat and snot Beth’s face glistened in the light. Beth did not speak again the whipping she received had done its job and the memory of that pain will stay with her a long time. “It is time for you to use that mouth a different way.” She stripped off her clothes and rubbed her shaved moist pussy.
“You will use it to satisfy me. But first one more thing.”
She fashioned a noose and slipped Beth’s head into it. “Oh god please don’t kill me.”
“Shut up fool this is just to keep you in line while you’re working on my pussy.” She snaked the opposite end of the noose through the winch. Now all she had to do is pull her end of the rope and it would tighten around Beth’s neck. “I told you not to speak so I guess I will get to test it right off.”
She pulled the rope as it tightened Beth’s eyes bugged out of her head and welled up with tears. Her face turned beat read and her mouth gaped but no sound could escape. She held the rope for about forty seconds until Beth’s eyes started to roll back a sign she would lose consciousness soon.
She waited while Beth choked in air, coughed and a strand of drool stretched toward the floor along with fresh tears but she did not speak, she was learning.
Her body trembling with anticipation she could wait no longer. She grabbed Beth’s hair wrenching her head back. Beth’s eyes looked up at her the glassy orbs told a story of terror.
She straddled her sister’s face her pussy covering Beth’s clenched lips. “Eat it if you want to continue breathing.”
Beth squeezed her eyes shut and her nostrils flared in disgust. A virgin being forced to eat her own sisters pussy must be quite a shock for her.
Beth complied despite her revulsion. Beth’s mouth opened and a warm wet tongue caressed Natalie’s most delicate flesh. She moaned as years of pent up frustration released through her ecstasy. Beth continued to work her tongue pressing it between her lips and reaching in toward her inner parts.
She felt the first waves of orgasm wash over her and let out a deep moan of satisfaction as her ecstasy climaxed and then ebbed leaving her panting like a dog. She collapsed into her chair her energy drained.
Beth’s mouth dripped with her juices and mixed with still flowing tears. “You did well. I’ll leave you here for now but I will return later for some more fun. In the meantime let me make you more comfortable.”
She attached a rope to the bindings holding Beth’s ankles and tied it around her elbow ropes. This forced Beth to balance all of her weight directly on her knees. Beth groaned, as the pain must have been intense.
Finally, she replaced the gag stuffing and sealing her mouth as secure as before. “I will be back in a few hours. You rest a while.” She left the basement flipping out the lights leaving her pitiful sister in her misery.


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