A session with slave #2027

Tortured and burned

A Session with #2027

The client-forced slave #2027 to stand on the balls of her feet as hot coals burned her toes and heat resonated up a hollow metal shaft to penetrate her pussy. Red burning welts covered her body from dozens of lashings inflicted earlier but the client still has hours left on his time. He was only getting started as he retrieved the cattle prod, a device he intended to use on every inch of her raw skin.
Tears soaked her face and sweat made her skin shine in the light. Her tightly packed mouth, sealed with tape kept pitiful whimpers at bay. #2027 was a good catch for the Tartarus Society brought to them a month ago; the twenty-one year old blonde has already turned a profit. But today she was being used by a particularly aggressive client and afterward much of her youthful shine will be lost forever.
Next time around, her price will have to reduce due to the wear and tear. However, not all of the Societies clients were high rollers and #2027 will continue to make them money for years to come.
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